Social Welfare Responses in a Neoliberal Era

Policies, Practices, and Social Problems


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Listen to the podcast about Cory Blad's chapter in this book 'Searching for Saviors: Economic Adversities and the Challenge of Political Legitimacy in the Neoliberal Era'.

This book seeks to explore welfare responses by questioning and going beyond the assumptions found in Esping-Andersen’s (1990) broad typologies of welfare capitalism. Specifically, the project seeks to reflect how the state engages, and creates general institutionalized responses to, market mechanisms and how such responses have created path dependencies in how states approach problems of inequality. Moreover, if the neoliberal era is defined as the dissemination and extension of market values to all forms of state institutions and social action, the need arises to critically investigate not only the embeddedness of such values and modes of thought in different contexts and institutional forms, but responses and modes of resistance arising from practice that might point to new forms of resilience.

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Mia Arp Fallov, Ph.D. in Sociology, is Associate Professor of Social Integration and Social Policy Strategies, Department of Sociology and Social Work, Aalborg University, Denmark. Her research covers welfare policy, urban sociology, social work, and social theory.

Cory Blad is Professor and Chair of Sociology at Manhattan College. His work focuses on the impact of political economic change on nationalist politics and cultural political mobilization. His recent work includes “Faustian States: Nationalist Politics and the Problem of Legitimacy in the Neoliberal Era” in Global Culture: Theories and Paradigms Revisited, edited by Vincenzo Mele and Marina Vujnovic (2016) and "Course Corrections and Failed Rationales: How Comparative Advantage and Debt Are Used to Legitimate Austerity in Africa and Latin America" with Samuel Oloruntoba and Jon Shefer in Third World Quarterly (2016).

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 Notes on Contributors
 1 Social Welfare Responses in a Neoliberal Era: Adaptive Responses, Sustained Need, and Exacerbated Hardships
Cory Blad and Mia Arp Fallov
 2 Crisis Neoliberalism and the Social Welfare State: Structural Challenges and Policy Responses
Ricardo A. Dello Buono
 3 Searching for Saviors: Economic Adversities and the Challenge of Political Legitimacy in the Neoliberal Era
Cory Blad
 4 Welfare Regime, Neoliberal Transformation, and Social Exclusion in Mexico, 1980–2015
Lukasz Czarnecki and Delfino Vargas Chanes
 5 Protest and the Politics of Unemployment Insurance: Reforming Welfare States in Times of Austerity
Rossella Ciccia and César Guzmán-Concha
 6 We Need to Focus on the Resources: Struggling with Neoliberal Economic Rationales in Social Work with Children and Families
Maria Appel Nissen
 7 Collective Action, Collective Impact and Community Foundations: The Emerging Role of Local Institution Building in an Era of Globalization and Declining Social Safety Nets
Frank Ridzi
 8 Social Work in and around the Home: Using Home as a Site to Promote Inclusion
Mia Arp Fallov and Maria Appel Nissen
 9 Potentiality, Development Ideals, and Realities of Social Work
Pia Ringø
 10 Youth Experiencing Poverty in a Neoliberal Canadian Context: Understanding Systems Access from the Experiences of Young People and Frontline Staff
Naomi Nichols and Jayne Malenfant
 11 Youth Responses to Neoliberal Erosion of Solidarity
Vibeke Bak Nielsen
 12 Social Welfare Responses and Professional Resilience in a (Post)Neoliberal Era (Or How to Understand the Dangers and Potentials of Today)
Mia Arp Fallov and Cory Blad
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