Booksellers and Printers in Provincial France 1470–1600


Winner of the 2021 SCSC Bainton Prize for Reference Works

Booksellers and Printers in Provincial France 1470–1600 is the first comprehensive guide to the Renaissance French book trade outside of Paris and Lyon. This volume presents short biographies for over 2700 booksellers, printers and bookbinders – over sixty of whom are identified as fictitious.
The biographies are accompanied wherever possible by the details of commercial partnerships, the type used by printers and reproductions of over a hundred signatures. The book provides the details of over six hundred women who either married into the trade or were independently active. The introductory essay analyses the nature, evolution and geographic dispersion of the members of the trade. It is an indispensable tool for understanding the French Renaissance book world.

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Malcolm Walsby is professor of book history at Enssib/University of Lyon, director of the Gabriel Naudé research centre, and co-founder of the Universal Short Title Catalogue. He has published extensively on the early modern European book world.
“Malcolm Walsby hat eine enorme Leistung vollbracht. Wer über französischen Provinzialbuchdruck künftig arbeiten will, kann an diesem Buch nicht vorbeigehen.“
Wolfgang Schmitz, in: Informationsmittel (IFB).

List of Illustrations

1 French Booksellers and Printers and the Provincial Book Trade during the Renaissance
 Booksellers and Printers in Provincial France
 A Diverse Group
 Women in the Provincial Book Trade
 Commercial Relationships
 Fictitious Printers and Booksellers

2 A Guide to the Dictionary
 The Sources

3 Table of Abbreviations and Bibliography

4 Booksellers, Printers, and Bookbinders of Provincial France, 1470–1600
Index of Booksellers and Printers Falsely Indicated as Being Active in Provincial France during the Sixteenth Century
Index of Family Trees
Index Cognominum
Index of Women Booksellers and Printers Active Independently
Index of Women Named as Having Married Male Booksellers and Printers
Index of Illustrations
All those interested in book history, the history of France and French literature. This book is also relevant to social and economic historians as well as those interested in gender studies.
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