The Dura Language

Grammar and Phylogeny


In The Dura Language: Grammar & Phylogeny Nicolas Schorer provides the definite descriptive account of this hitherto poorly documented language of Lamjung, Nepal. The Dura language is effectively extinct, although attempts at revival may be undertaken by well-intentioned members of Dura ethnicity.
On the basis of a comprehensive study and analysis of all of the extant Dura language material, the book outlines the phonology, nominal and verbal morphology, lexical and syntactic properties as well as the phylogenetic position of the language in unprecedented detail. The result of the phylogenetic inquiry will help explain some of the sociocultural realities associated with the Dura community in Nepal and is a significant contribution to our understanding of the linguistic landscape of the Himalayas.
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Biographical Note

Nicolas Schorer, MA (1987), University of Bern, is a descriptive linguist. He has worked on languages in the Himalayas and the Caucasus and taught Comparative and Caucasian linguistics at the Department of Linguistics in Bern.


All interested in the description of Trans-Himalayan languages and anyone concerned with questions of the phylogeny of languages and undocumented languages of South Asia.