The Tangam Language

Grammar, Lexicon and Texts


Tangam is a critically endangered Trans-Himalayan (Tibeto-Burman) language spoken by around 150 hilltribespeople in the far Eastern Himalaya. A member of the Tani subgroup of Trans-Himalayan, Tangam is mutually-unintelligible with other languages of this otherwise relatively homogeneous subgroup. This is demonstrated to be a consequence of Tangam's early-branching status within the Western Tani subgroup, subsequent contact with Eastern Tani languages, and historical relationship with speakers of Bodic languages.
Based on three field trips to the Tangam-speaking area over two years, this work presents a brief but comprehensive cultural, historical and grammatical introduction to the Tangam language, together with a trilingual lexicon in Tangam, English and Minyong, and a collection of fully-analysed texts. It will be of interest to linguists and anthropologists of the Himalayan region, as well as to historical linguists and language typologists.

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Preliminary Material
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Mark W. Post, Ph.D. (2007), LaTrobe University, is Senior Lecturer in Linguistics at the University of New England in Australia. He has published many articles on the languages and cultures of the Eastern Himalayan region.
Linguists and anthropologists specializing in the greater Himalayan region, specalists in Asian languages, historical linguists, language typologists.
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