The Jewish Museum

History and Memory, Identity and Art from Vienna to the Bezalel National Museum, Jerusalem


In The Jewish Museum: History and Memory, Identity and Art from Vienna to the Bezalel National Museum, Jerusalem Natalia Berger traces the history of the Jewish museum in its various manifestations in Central Europe, notably in Vienna, Prague and Budapest, up to the establishment of the Bezalel National Museum in Jerusalem. Accordingly, the book scrutinizes collections and exhibitions and broadens our understanding of the different ways that Jewish individuals and communities sought to map their history, culture and art. It is the comparative method that sheds light on each of the museums, and on the processes that initiated the transition from collection and research to assembling a type of collection that would serve to inspire new art.

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Natalia Berger, Ph.D.(2006), The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, is an Independent Curator. She has published several books on different aspects of Diaspora Jewry, including Where Cultures Meet (Beth Hatefutsoth, MOD Publishing House, 1990) and Jews and Medicine, (Beth Hatefutsoth, 1995).
List of Figures
Introduction: Why Jewish Museums?

The Strauss Collection and the Anglo-Jewish Exhibition

1 Isaac Strauss and his Collection

2 The Historic Anglo-Jewish Exhibition in London, 1887

The Jewish Museums of Austria-Hungary: Vienna, Prague, and Budapest

3 Introduction: The Jewish Museum in Vienna

4 The Determining Factors in the Establishment of the Museum

5 The Jewish Museum of Vienna, 1895–1906

6 The Exhibits

7 The Jewish Museum of Prague

8 The Jewish Museum of Budapest

From The Bezalel National Museum to The Israel Museum

9 Historical Background

10 To Realize a Dream: Boris Schatz and the Bezalel Museum in the Formative Years, 1906–12

11 The Years 1909–14

12 Boris Schatz’s Utopian Museum as Charted in his Book, Jerusalem Rebuilt

13 The Bezalel Museum in the Years following World War I, 1919–26

14 From The Bezalel National Museum to The Israel Museum: Mordechai Narkiss’s Vision and Achievements: 1932–1957

All interested in Jewish history, culture and art, and anyone concerned with the history of museums in general and Jewish museums in particular.
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