A Future without Borders? Theories and practices of cosmopolitan peacebuilding


编者: Eddy Souffrant
A Future without Borders (FWB) offers an explanation of why the recent, but by now distant, movements of the “Occupy Wall Street” activists have repeated themselves across the globe. The book demonstrates some of the processes inherent to an adapting cosmopolitanism (a call for civility, a call for Justice, a call for a collective responsibility or accountability) that is not individualistic in nature.
Until recently, the statal/national problems understood as politico-economic failures were conceived as isolated problems, failures of statal institutions that are particular to certain countries. FWB contests the Westphalian logic that explains these circumstances, as national failures and argues instead that the conditions be assessed as extensions of the global economic and ideological failures that they surely are.

Contributors are: Anton Allahar, Arnold Farr, Andrew Fiala, Pierre-André Gagnon, Bill Gay, Kurtis Hagen, Linden F. Lewis, Tracey Nicholls, Richard T. Peterson, Jorge Rodriguez, Eddy M. Souffrant, and Hilbourne A. Watson.     

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Eddy M. Souffrant, Ph.D. is Associate Professor of Philosophy at UNC Charlotte and publishes monographs, reviews, and articles in Applied Ethics, Ethics and International Affairs and Social and Political Philosophy including “Identity, Political Freedom, and Collective Responsibility “ (Palgrave Macmillan, 2013)     
I. Introduction
Peace and Cosmopolitanism: On Imagining a Future without Borders
Eddy M. Souffrant

II. Theorizing the need for cosmopolitanism
Cosmopolitanism, Anarchism, and Injustice at the Border
Andrew Fiala

Sovereignty and Instances of Violence: Colonial and neo-Colonial moments
Anton Allahar

If Only They Were Money: Plights and Flights of Environmental Refugees
Tracey Nicholls

III. Theorizing paths to cosmopolitanism

Global Capitalism, Sovereign State Violence, and Human Insecurity
Hilbourne Watson

Violence in Latin America:
Cultural Convergences for an Ethical Communitarianism
Jorge M. Rodríguez-Martínez

Sovereignty and the Realm of the Social
Linden Lewis

Project for a New Confucian Century
Kurtis Hagen

IV. Unclenching fists and reaching out to the world

Inheriting Wrong Life and One-Dimensional Politics: Obama, Messianism, and the Role of Prophetic Critique
Arnold L. Farr

The Senate against Obama’s International Climate Ambitions
Pierre-André Gagnon

The “Browning of Terror” during the Obama Years: Linking of Queer, Black, Brown & Foreign Bodies to Terrorism
William C. Gay

Nonviolence in an Age of Political Catastrophe
Richard Peterson

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For all who are interested in understanding some of the foundations of national and global violence, and for those who are also concerned with a future of collaboration and humanity