South Africa after Apartheid

Policies and Challenges of the Democratic Transition


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As South Africa has entered the third decade after the end of apartheid, this book aims at taking stock of the post-apartheid dynamics in the, so far, often less-comprehensively analysed, but crucial fields of APRM-relevant politics, social development, land and regional relations. In the first part of the book an analysis of some structuring domestic features of post-apartheid South Africa is provided, with a focus on political processes and debates around gender, HIV/AIDS and religion. The second part of the volume focuses on the land question and part three is looking at South Africa’s role in the Southern African region.

Contributors are: Nancy Andrew, Nicholas Dietrich, Ulf Engel, Harvey M. Feinberg, Anna-Maria Gentili, Preben Kaarsholm, Mandisa Mbali, David Moore, Arrigo Pallotti, Roberta Pellizzoli, Chris Saunders, Timothy Scarnecchia, Cherryl Walker, Lorenzo Zambernardi, and Mario Zamponi.

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Arrigo Pallotti (b. 1973) is Associate Professor of History of Africa at the University of Bologna and a Research Fellow at the Centre for Africa Studies of the University of the Free State, South Africa. His research interests focus primarily on democratization in Africa and the decolonization of Southern Africa. He has recently co-edited State, Land and Democracy in Southern Africa (with C. Tornimbeni, Ashgate, 2015).

Ulf Engel (b. 1962) is a Professor of Politics in Africa at the University of Leipzig, Germany and a Professor Extraordinary at the Department of Political Science at Stellenbosch University, South Africa. He is working on peace and security in Africa. He also co-edited African Dynamics in a Multipolar World (with M. João Ramos, Brill, 2013).
'Die behandelten und sinnvoll ausgewählten Schwerpunkte des Buches illustrieren, wie erkenntnisreich internationaler Forschungs dialog sein kann und worauf zukünftiger Wissenschaftsaustausch aufbauen könnte. Der Sammelband motiviert aber auch die Leser/-innen zu kritischen Reflexionen über die vielschichtigen Entwicklungen in Südafrika nach dem Ende der Apartheid.' - Rita Schäfer, in: Peripherie 146/147, 37. Jg 2017, pp. 363-365
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Anna-Maria Gentili

Ulf Engel & Arrigo Pallotti

Part I: The changing fabric of society
Democracy, governance and elections in South Africa, 1994-2014
Ulf Engel

The uneven journey towards gender equality during the twenty years of South African democracy
Roberta Pellizzoli

AIDS activism and the state in post-apartheid South Africa at twenty
Mandisa Mbali

From apartheid to the “Rainbow Nation”: Changing multiculturalisms in South Africa, 1994-2014
Preben Kaarsholm

Part II: The land question
Dispossession, Black South African land ownership and restitution in historical perspective, 1913 to 1948 and Beyond
Harvey M. Feinberg

The South African land reform since 1994: Policies, debates, achievements
Mario Zamponi

Elusive or illusory? Property relations and the constraints on rights to land for South African farm labour
Nancy Andrew

Does it matter? Reflections on twenty years of land reform
Cherryl Walker

Part III: South Africa in Southern Africa
South African Influence in Zimbabwe: From Destabilization in the 1980s to Liberation War Solidarity in the 2000s
Timothy Scarnecchia & David Moore

“Forged in the Trenches”? The ANC and SWAPO: Aspects of a Relationship
Chris Saunders

Twenty years after. Post-apartheid South Africa, the BRICS and Southern Africa
Arrigo Pallotti & Lorenzo Zambernardi

South Africa and the Southern African Regional Police Chiefs Cooperation Organisation – the dialectic between “national” and “regional” safety and security?
Nicholas Dietrich
All interested in the development of post-Apartheid South Africa, and anyone in particularly interested in the areas of the changing fabric of this country’s society, the land question as well as South Africa’s role in the region.
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