In Search of Pre-Classical Antiquity: Rediscovering Ancient Peoples in Mediterranean Europe (19th and 20th c.)


HerausgeberInnen: Antonino de Francesco
The book aims rethinking the cultural history of Mediterranean nationalisms between 19th and 20th centuries by tracing their specific approach to antiquity in the forging of a national past.
By focusing on how national imaginaries dealt with this topic and how history and archaeology relied on antiquity, this collection of essays introduces a comparative approach presenting several cases studies concerning many regions including Spain, Italy and Slovenia as well as Albania, Greece and Turkey.
By adopting the perspective of a dialogue among all these Mediterranean political cultures, this book breaks significantly new ground, because it shifts attention on how Southern Europe nationalisms are an interconnected political and cultural experience, directly related to the intellectual examples of Northern Europe, but also developing its own particular trends.

Contributors are: Çiğdem Atakuman, Filippo Carlà, Francisco Garcia Alonso, Maja Gori, Eleni Stefanou, Rok Stergar, Katia Visconti.


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Antonino de Francesco is Professor of Early Modern History at the University of Milan, Italy. He is author of The Antiquity of the Italian Nation: The Cultural Origins of a Political Myth in Modern Italy, 1796-1943 (OUP, 2013) and co-editor of Republics at War, 1776-1840: Revolutions, Conflicts, and Geopolitics in Europe and the Atlantic World (Palgrave, 2013).
List of Figures ... vii
Notes on Contributors ... viii

Introduction ... 1
Antonino De Francesco

1 Italian Celticisms: A Second (Unpublished) Version of Giovanni Fabbroni’s Antichi Abitatori d’italia (1803) ... 19
Katia Visconti

2 Local Pride, Ethnicity and Ancient History in Turin in the Risorgimento: The Representation of the Taurisci/Taurini in Carlo Promis’ Storia dell’Antica Torino (1869) ... 41
Filippo Carlà-Uhink

3 The Invention of Numantia and Emporion: Archaeology and the Regeneration of Spanish and Catalan Nationalisms after the Crisis of 1898 ... 64
Francisco Gracia-Alonso

4 Illyrian Autochthonism and the Beginnings of South Slav Nationalisms in the West Balkans ... 96
Rok Stergar

5 Illyrians Across the Adriatic: A Cultural History of an Archaeological Culture ... 119
Maja Gori

6 Classical Antiquity and Modern Greek National Identity: Reliving the Ancient Maritime Heritage at the Sea of Salamis ... 146
Eleni Stefanou

7 Shifting Discourses of Heritage and Identity in Turkey: Anatolianist Ideologies and Beyond ... 166
Çiğdem Atakuman

Bibliography ... 183
Index ... 204
The book is devoted to researchers, students and general readers of history and archaeology, with special reference to all those who are interested in the origins of modern Mediterranean nationalisms.