Parliamentary Diplomacy in European and Global Governance


In Parliamentary Diplomacy in European and Global Governance, 27 experts from all over the world analyse the fast-expanding phenomenon of parliamentary diplomacy. Through a wealth of empirical case studies, the book demonstrates that parliamentarians and parliamentary assemblies have an increasingly important international role. The volume begins with parliamentary diplomacy in Europe, because the European Parliament is one of the strongest autonomous institutional actors in world politics. The study then examines parliamentary diplomacy in relations between Europe and third countries or regions (Mexico, Turkey, Russia, the Mediterranean), before turning attention to the rest of the world: North and South America, Asia, Africa and Australia. This pioneering volume confirms the worldwide nature and salience of parliamentary diplomacy in contemporary global politics.

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Stelios Stavridis, Ph.D. (1991), LSE, is ARAID Senior Research Fellow at the Research Unit on European and International Studies of the University of Zaragoza. His most recent publication is (edited with Daniela Irrera) The European Parliament and its International Relations.

Davor Jančić, Ph.D. (2011), Utrecht University, is Lecturer in Law at Queen Mary University of London. He was previously Senior Researcher in EU Law at the T.M.C. Asser Institute in The Hague, British Academy Newton Fellow at the London School of Economics and Political Science, and Assistant Professor at Utrecht University.
1. The Rise of Parliamentary Diplomacy in International Politics, Stelios Stavridis & Davor Jančić
Part I: EU Context
2. World Diplomacy of the European Parliament, Davor Jančić
3. The Role of the European Parliament President in Parliamentary Diplomacy, Luigi Gianniti & Nicola Lupo
4. The Diplomatic Role of the European Parliament’s Standing Committees, Delegations and Assemblies: Insights from ACP-EU Interparliamentary Cooperation, Sarah Delputte, Cristina Fasone & Fabio Longo
5. The Diplomatic Role of European Parliament’s Political Groups in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, Yoav Shemer-Kunz
6. The International Role of the European Parliament’s Intergroups, Laurent Dutoit
Part II Wider Europe and EU Relations with the World
7. The EU-Turkey Joint Parliamentary Committee and Turkey’s EU Accession Process, Valentina Rita Scotti
8. The Impact of Parliamentary Diplomacy, Civil Society and Human Rights Advocacy on EU Strategic Partners: The Case of Mexico, Monica Velasco Pufleau
9. A Bridge with Russia? The Parliamentary Assemblies of the OSCE and of the Council of Europe in the Russia-Ukraine Crisis, Andrea Gawrich
10. South East European Cooperation Process and its New Parliamentary Assembly: Regional Dialogue in Action, Franklin de Vrieze
11. The Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean: Contributions to Democracy Promotion and Crisis Management, Andrea Cofelice
Part III: Global Context
12. The Evolution of US Congress Parliamentary Diplomacy: The Case of Its Relations with the NATO Parliamentary Assembly, Zlatko Šabič
13. Challenges for Parliamentary Diplomacy in South and Southeast Asia and Europe: A Practitioner’s Perspective, Xavier Nuttin
14. Parliamentary Diplomacy in the Chinese Constitution and Foreign Policy, Liwan Wang
15. Parliamentary Diplomacy in Northeast Asia: Lessons from the Parliamentarians’ Unions in Japan and South Korea, Jiun Bang
16. Australia’s Parliamentary Diplomacy: A Study of the Bilateral Relationship with South Korea, Jeffrey Robertson
17. Regional Democracy and Integration: Experiences of the MERCOSUR, Andean and Latin American Parliaments, Karina L. Pasquariello Mariano; Regiane Nitsch Bressan; Bruno Theodoro Luciano
18. Understanding Success and Failure in the Quest for Peace: The Pan-African Parliament and the Amani Forum, Konstantinos Magliveras
19. South Africa’s Parliamentary Diplomacy and the ‘African Agenda’, Lesley Masters and Fritz Nganje
20. Parliamentary Diplomacy as a Global Phenomenon, Stelios Stavridis
Academics, students, and policy makers interested in parliamentary affairs, European and global governance and anyone concerned with foreign affairs and diplomacy in general.
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