2 Peter and the Apocalypse of Peter: Towards a New Perspective


In the 2016 Radboud Prestige Lectures, published in this volume, Jörg Frey develops a new perspective on 2 Peter by arguing that the letter is dependent on the Apocalypse of Peter. Frey argues that reading 2 Peter against the backdrop of the Apocalypse of Peter sheds new light on many longstanding interpretative questions and offers fresh insights into the history of second-century Christianity. Frey’s lectures are followed by responses from leading scholars in the field, who discuss Frey’s proposal in ways both critical and constructive. Contributors include: Richard Bauckham, Jan Bremmer, Terrance Callan, Paul Foster, Jeremy Hultin, Tobias Nicklas, David Nienhuis and Martin Ruf.

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Jörg Frey, Dr. theol. (Tübingen 1996), habil. (Tübingen 1998), is Professor of New Testament with a focus on Early Judaism and Hermeneutics at the Theological Faculty of the University of Zurich (Switzerland). He has published extensively on the Johannine literature, the Dead Sea Scrolls, and the New Testament in the context of Early Judaism.

Matthijs den Dulk, Ph.D (Chicago 2015), is Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies at Radboud University Nijmegen (The Netherlands). He is the author of Between Jews and Heretics: Refiguring Justin Martyr’s Dialogue with Trypho (2018) and has published essays on the New Testament and related literature in such journals as New Testament Studies, Journal of Biblical Literature and Novum Testamentum.

Jan G. van der Watt, DD (Pretoria 1986), D.Litt (Pretoria 1999), is Emeritus Professor of New Testament at Radboud University Nijmegen (The Netherlands). He has published various monographs, including Family of the King (2000), and edited volumes on New Testament Soteriology, Eschatology and Ethics.

1 Introduction: A Second Look at Second Peter
Matthijs den Dulk

2 Second Peter in New Perspective
Jörg Frey

3 The Apocalypse of Peter as the First Christian Martyr Text: Its Date, Provenance and Relationship with 2 Peter
Jan N. Bremmer

4 Petrus-Diskurse in Alexandria. Eine Fortführung der Gedanken von Jörg Frey
Tobias Nicklas

5 The Second Letter of Peter, Josephus and Gnosticism
Terrance Callan

6 2 Peter, the Johannine Epistles, and the Authority of “Eyewitness” Apostolic Tradition
David R. Nienhuis

7 Reading 2 Peter 3 in the Light of the Apocalypse of Peter and the Sibylline Oracles
Jeremy Hultin

8 ‘In Aegyptum, ut denuo disseratur de me’
Martin G. Ruf

9 Does the Apocalypse of Peter Help to Determine the Date of 2 Peter?
Paul Foster

10 2 Peter and the Apocalypse of Peter Revisited: A Response to Jörg Frey
Richard Bauckham

11 2 Peter and the Apocalypse of Peter: Concluding Reflections
Jörg Frey

Anyone, especially academics and post-graduate students, interested in the study of the New Testament and the history of early Christianity.
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