Presence of the Body

Awareness in and beyond Experience


Presence of the Body provides an interdisciplinary forum for the dialogue between theory and practice about the impact of the body on human awareness in the fields of art, writing, meditative practice, and performance. This dialogue benefits from the neuro-systematic integration of “embodied” knowledge in the cognitive sciences, but it also suggests creative and transformative dynamics of embodiment which, beyond conceptualisation, emerge in sophisticated acts of writing, performing and meditating. Exploring the presence and experience character of the body-awareness relationship, a double perspective beyond cognitive fixations is suggested: 1) a body-centred touch of the world which inspires life as a creative ‘writing’ process, and 2) in line with Buddhist thought, an empty space of ‘pure presence’ from which all conscious processes originate.
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Biographical Note

Gert Hofmann, Dr. phil. habil. (2011, University of Rostock) is Head of the Department of German at the National University of Ireland, Cork (UCC). He has published extensively on literary and cultural theory, including Schweigende Tropen. Studien zu einer Ästhetik der Ohnmacht (Francke, 2003). Snježana Zorić, Dr. phil. (2000, University of Zagreb), is Professor of Cultural Anthropology at the University of Zadar. She has published widely on Asian religions and anthropological theory, including Yongsan-jae. Buddhist Ritual as a Mirror Image of the Korean Culture (Institute of Ethnology and Folkloristics, Zagreb, 2004).

Table of contents

Acknowledgements Table of Content Gert Hofmann and Snježana Zorić: Introduction. Presence of the Body—Awareness In and Beyond Experience PRESENTATION AND PERFORMANCE Leonida Kovač: Bodies and their Matter Franc Chamberlain: Losing the Plot: Inappropriate Fictions and the Art of the Theatre Milica Ivić: Examining Body Limits Josip Zanki: Ritualised Corporeality in Contemporary Croatian Art THE ACT OF WRITING Lidija Štrmelj: Body and Awareness as Reflected in the Wife of Bath: A Historical Study Based on Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales Karin Bauer: Lost in Isolation: Ulrike Meinhof’s Body in Poetry Anja Seiler: Foreign Language—Foreign Body: The Embodiment of Sprachfremde in Dimitré Dinev’s Engelszungen and Terézia Mora’s Alle Tage Elisa Primavera-Lévy: Putting Hell on Paper: Chronic Pain Patients and the Challenge of Illness Narratives Sara Strauß: Neuroethical Reflections on Body and Awareness in Kazuo Ishiguro’s Never Let Me Go and Ian McEwan’s Saturday Tanja Reiffenrath: Self, Interrupted: Body, Awareness, and Continuity in Oliver Sacks’s A Leg to Stand On Sabine Wilke: Performances in the Anthropocene: Embodiment and Environment(s) in Ilija Trojanow’s Climate Change Novel Gert Hofmann: Disintegrating Identities: Bodily Presence in Contemporary Writing EXPERIENCE OF SELF-TRANSCENDENCE Graham Parkes: Awe and Humility in the Face of Things: Somatic Practice in East-Asian Philosophies Snježana Zorić: The Silent Performance of Mindfulness: Aware Corporeality / Corporeal Awareness of No-Self Index