The Politics of Honour in the Greek Cities of the Roman Empire


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The volume The Politics of Honour in the Greek Cities of the Roman Empire, co-edited by Anna Heller and Onno van Nijf, studies the public honours that Greek cities bestowed upon their own citizens and foreign dignitaries and benefactors. These included civic praise, crowns, proedria, public funerals, honorific statues and monuments. The authors discuss the development of this honorific system, and in particular the epigraphic texts and the monuments through which it is accessible. The focus is on the Imperial period (1st-3rd centuries AD). The papers investigate the forms of honour, the procedures and formulae of local practices, as well as the changes in local honorific habits that resulted from the integration of the Greek cities in the Roman Empire.

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Anna Heller is Professor of Ancient History at the University of Tours. Her main interest lies in the social and institutional history of the Greek city under Roman rule, as it emerges from the epigraphical evidence from Asia Minor.

Onno van Nijf is Professor of Ancient History at the University of Groningen. He is a specialist on the Greek world under Roman rule. He has published on social and political history, and athletics in the later Greek city.

Contributors are: Kostas Buraselis, Francesco Camia, Christopher Dickenson, Valentina Di Napoli, Henri-Louis Fernoux, Gabrielle Frija, Anne Gangloff, Olivier Gengler, Nikos Giannakopoulos, Eric Guerber, Christina Kokkinia, Annika Kuhn, Christina Kuhn, Sophie Lalanne, Martin Szewczyk, Olivier Ventroux, Jean-Baptiste Yon, Sophia Zoumbaki, Arjan Zuiderhoek

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Introduction: Civic Honours, from Classical to Roman Times
Anna Heller and Onno van Nijf

Part 1: The Economy of Honour: Financial and Symbolic Exchanges

1 Praise and Honour
Olivier Gengler

2 Les timai dans le discours civique et moral à la fin du ier siècle ap. J.-C.
Anne Gangloff

3 La gestion des statues honorifiques à Rhodes à la fin du ier siècle ap. J.-C. d’après le Rhodiakos de Dion de Pruse (Or. XXXI)
Henri Fernoux

4 The Financing of Public Honours in Greece during the Roman Imperial Period: The Case of Honorary Statues in the Cities of the Greek Mainland
Francesco Camia

Part 2: Honorific Communities: Competition and Negotiation

5 Le témoignage de Chariton d’Aphrodisias sur la pratique civique des honneurs
Sophie Lalanne

6 Un-civic benefactions?: Gifts to Non-citizens and Civic Honours in the Greek Cities of the Roman East
Arjan Zuiderhoek

7 The Refusal of the Highest Honours by Members of the Urban Elites in Roman Asia Minor
Christina T. Kuhn

8 Decrees Awarding Offices for Life and by Hereditary Right as Honours
Nikos Giannakopoulos

Part 3: The Impact of Rome: Integration and Domination

9 Romans in the poleis of Greek Mainland and Adjacent Islands: The Evolution of their Relations in the Light of Honorific Texts
Sophia Zoumbaki

10 Les honneurs des cités d’Asie aux proches des gouverneurs
Gabrielle Frija

11 Curateurs de cités et honneurs civiques
Éric Guerber

12 Honouring Senators and Equestrians in the Graeco-Roman East
Annika B. Kuhn

13 Le premier des citoyens à Pergame sous le Haut-Empire : C. Antius Aulus Iulius Quadratus
Olivier Ventroux

Part 4: Cities and Empire: Honours between Local and Global

14 Martyriai: Civic Honours and Imperial Government
Christina Kokkinia

15 On the Rhetoric of Imperial Majesty: Elements of the Ideological Interaction between Emperor and Imperial Society on the Basis of Civic Decrees, Imperial Pronouncements and Literary Testimonies in the Greek East
Kostas Buraselis

16 “στᾶ[ν]αι δὲ αὐτοῦ καὶ κατὰ φυλὴν ἀνδριάντας ἐν τῷ προσκηνίῳ”: Honorary Statues in the Theatres of Roman Greece
Valentina Di Napoli

17 The Agora as Setting for Honorific Statues in Roman Greece
Christopher Dickenson

18 L’iconographie des honneurs civiques statuaires pour les notables d’époque impériale
Martin Szewczyk

19 Le reflet des honneurs
Jean-Baptiste Yon

All interested in the epigraphy and political history of the Greek city in the Hellenistic and Roman periods.
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