Frederick E. Brenk on Plutarch, Religious Thinker and Biographer

“The Religious Spirit of Plutarch of Chaironeia” and “The Life of Mark Antony”


The present book Frederick E. Brenk: Plutarch, Religious Thinker and Biographer, “The Religious Spirit of Plutarch of Chaironeia” and “The Life of Mark Antony” includes the updated and revised version of two seminal articles on Plutarch by F. E. Brenk published thirty years ago in ANRW. Edited by Lautaro Roig Lanzillotta, both articles cover the two sides of Plutarch’s corpus, the Lives and Moralia.

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Frederick Brenk, PhD (1971), University of Kentucky, is Professor Ordinarius Emeritus Pontifical Biblical Institute, Rome. He has published extensively on Plutarch during the last four decades.
Lautaro Roig Lanzillotta, Dr. Litt. (1997) and Dr Theologiae (2004), is Associate Professor of New Testament and Early Christianity.

Introduction to Frederick Brenk on Plutarch, Religious Thinker and Biographer
Lautaro Roig Lanzillotta

An Imperial Heritage: The Religious Spirit of Plutarch of Chaironeia, by F.E. Brenk


1 Life

2 The Development of Plutarch’s Religious Ideas, and His Religious Works

3 Plutarch’s Idea of God in the Light of Alexandrian Middle Platonism

4 Plutarch’s Daimonology

5 De Iside et Osiride: Allegorical Interpretation and Syncretism

6 Plutarch and the Stoics

7 Religion in the Lives: Daimon and Tyche

8 Omens and Portents

9 Dreams

10 Divine Retribution

11 Delphi

12 The Mythological Lives and Roman Religion

Plutarch’s Life Markos Antonios: A Literary and Cultural Study, by F.E. Brenk

1 The Neronian Background to the Life
 1  The Nerogonia of the Antonios
 2  Plutarch and the Rex Turned Rana
 3  Nero and Antonius Omestes
 4  Vice Inherited: The Rotten Tree

2 Antonius and Demetrios
 1  Biographical Platonism and the Chance of Living Again
 2  Parallels in Vice
 3  Parallels in Assimilations
 4  Treading the Same Ground
 5  Fighting the Same Battles
 6  From Battle to Banquet to Boudoir
 7  Inimitable Livers and Inseparable in Death

3 Narrative
 1  Time
 2  The Unified Plot
 3  The Episodic Plot
 4  Point of View

4 Some Aspects of Style
 1  The Flight of Themistokles
 2  Escaping the Ships of Libo
 3  The Battle of Actium
 4  The Pageantry: Antonius’ Debauchery, His Arrival at Ephesos, Kleopatra’s Arrival at Tarsos

Index of Authors and Texts Cited
Index of Historical Persons
Index of Subjects
Index of Technical Terms
Index of Modern Authors
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