Denis Janot (fl. 1529-1544), Parisian Printer and Bookseller

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Denis Janot is the prime example of a vernacular printer espousing the highest standards of French Renaissance printing, highly influential in the adoption of roman type to the printing of vernacular material, and a key figure in the development of book illustration.

This bibliography, a comprehensive revison of the author’s Warwick Ph.D. thesis of 1976, listing 391 editions (41 more than the original version), is based firmly on the description of Janot’s books. Some 1300 copies have been examined, about 80% of the known total. Alongside the bibliography there is an description of Janot’s printing material (including an index of more than 1000 woodcuts), and some analysis of the subjects of his publications.

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Stephen Rawles, Ph.D. (1977), University of Warwick, was for many years on the staff of Glasgow University Library. He is also the co-author of three other major bibliographies: Rabelais (1987); French Emblem Books (1999-2002) and Menestrier (2012).

Review Quotes

“a useful tool in the research of Paris printing in the sixteenth century.”
Frans A. Janssen, University of Amsterdam. In: Quaerendo, Vol. 48, No. 3 (2018), pp. 263-265.

“a very thorough piece of work”
David Shaw. In Publishing History, Vol. 79 (2019), pp. 125-127.

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1 Denis Janot: Career
 1.1  Rue de Marchepalu: 1529–1530
 1.2  Partnership with Alain Lotrian: 1530–1532 or Later
 1.3  Other Early Work: 1530–1532
 1.4  ‘Au premier pilier’, An Independent Career: 1532–1534
 1.5  1534–1536: Seeking a Personal Style
 1.6  1537–1540: Consolidation and Specialisation
 1.7  1541–1544: Mature Success

2 Denis Janot: Context and Achievement
 2.1  Major Areas of Production

3 Printing Materials
 3.1  Typefaces
 3.2  Marks
 3.3  Initials
 3.4  Compartments, Frames, Type Ornaments
 3.5  Woodcuts

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Appendix 1: Editions Attributed to Janot
Appendix 2: Table des Livres de Denys Janot
Bibliography of Works Cited
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This book will interest printing and books historians, as well as literary and history scholars of the French Renaissance.

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