Women in Pentecostal and Charismatic Ministry

Informing a Dialogue on Gender, Church, and Ministry


Women in Pentecostal and Charismatic Ministry: Informing a Dialogue on Gender, Church, and Ministry, co-edited by Margaret English de Alminana and Lois E. Olena, concerns women and Pentecostalism. It introduces the way the Pentecostal/charismatic movement has been shaped by and has shaped women from its beginning and offers a wide variety of responses to the opportunities and limitations women have experienced in their commitment to religious service. Scholars, activists, leaders, and exemplars from a variety of disciplines reflect on the question: How have women responded to a religious context that has depended upon their gifts while, at the same time, limited their voices and perspectives? This volume offers missing and/or silent voices an important corrective and a way forward to shape gender-focused discussions.

Contributors are: Estrelda Yvonne Alexander, Peter Althouse, Linda M. Ambrose, Melissa L. Archer, Amy C. Artman, Denise A. Austin, Kate Bowler, Barbara Cavaness-Parks, Loralie Robinson Crabtree, Naomi Dowdy, Margaret English de Alminana, Beth (A. Elizabeth) Grant, Jacqueline Grey, Mimi R. Haddad, Jennifer A. Miskov, Stephanie L. Nance, Lois E. Olena, Ava Kate Oleson, Joy E. A. Qualls, and Zachary Michael Tackett.

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Margaret English de Alminana, Ph.D. (2012), University of Wales at Glyndŵr, is Associate Professor of Theology at Southeastern University and Executive Director of the Society for Pentecostal Studies. She has authored Removing the Veil (2008), numerous articles, and reviews.
Lois E. Olena, D.Min. (2006), Assemblies of God Theological Seminary, is Associate Professor of Practical Theology and Jewish Studies at AGTS. She published Stanley M. Horton: Shaper of Pentecostal Theology (2009), Children of the Calling (a co-edited Festschrift with Eric Newberg, 2014), numerous book chapters, and articles.
"(...) this is an overdue contribution to P/c studies. It offers a corrective through historical record and testimony which privileges the voices of P/c women thereby contributing to advancing a “new normative epistemological account” of women’s religious live" - Marcia Clarke, Fuller Theological Seminary, in: PentecoStudies 17.2 (2018)

List of Contributors

Margaret English de Alminana

Part I - Biblical and Historical Roots

Women in Ministry: A Pentecostal, New Testament Hermeneutic
Melissa L. Archer

Examples of Women’s Leadership in the Old Testament and Church History
Mimi R. Haddad

Callings, Giftings, and Empowerment: Preaching Women and American Pentecostalism in Historical and Theological Perspective
Zachary Michael Tackett

Part II - Historical Exemplars

Florence Crawford and Egalitarian Precedents in Early Pentecostalism
Margaret English de Alminana

Giving Room to the Anointing: Carrie Judd Montgomery’s Influence on Women in Ministry
Jennifer A. Miskov

Producing Change: Kathryn Kuhlman and Modern Media
Amy C. Artman

A Successful Calling: Women, Power, and the Rise of the American Prosperity Gospel
Kate Bowler

Part III - Global Exemplars

The ‘Outback Spirit’ of Pentecostal Women Pioneers in Australia
Denise A. Austin and Jacqueline N. Grey

Canadian Pentecostal Women in Ministry: The Case of Bernice Gerard and Feminist Ideologies
Linda M. Ambrose

The Holy Spirit and Hospitality: Pentecostal Empowerment for Building Relationships with the World’s 800 Million Muslim Women
Lois E. Olena

Merchandised Women: Priceless, Called, and Empowered
Beth (A. Elizabeth) Grant

Part IV - Distinctive Concerns of Female Leadership and Ministry

Women as Assemblies of God Church Planters: Cultural Analysis and Strategy Formation
Loralie Robinson Crabtree and Joy E. A. Qualls

When Liberation Becomes Survival
Estrelda Yvonne Alexander

Living a Theology of Co-Gender Ministry
Stephanie L. Nance and Ava K. Oleson

Women Praying for Women: Christian Healing Ministry and the Embodiment of Charismatic Prayer
Peter Althouse

Appendix A: Testimony of Naomi R. Dowdy
Appendix B: Testimony of Theresa D’Sousa Greenhough

Scholars, students, and ministers interested in Pentecostal and Charismatic history and biography, as well as in gender studies—including the theology and praxis of women in ministry specifically.
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