Atlas of the Hoverflies of Greece

(Diptera: Syrphidae)

The Atlas of the Hoverflies of Greece is the first of a kind within the Mediterranean region. It is the result of decades of research, many travels into the fascinating habitats of Greece (a biodiversity hotspot), visits to world museums, and many people’s passion for hoverflies.
The Atlas is a concise presentation of all 418 hoverfly species for Greece known so far. The species are documented with photos and distribution GIS-maps and they are preceded by a general introduction on the hoverflies and Greek nature, and a generic key.
The Atlas of the Hoverflies of Greece is a handbook for insect aficionados, students and teachers, everyone interested in nature, and managers and conservationists aiming at raising public awareness of a nature nowadays threatened more than ever.

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Ante Vujić, Ph.D. (1992) is professor at the University of Novi Sad. His scientific fields of interest are conservation biology, entomology, zoogeography. He has paid special attention to one group of insects: Syrphidae, their taxonomy, phylogeny, evolution and conservation.

Martin C. D. Speight, Ph.D. (1969). His fields of interests are ecology and taxonomy of European syrphids and insect conservation; maintenance and development of the StN database of European Syrphidae. His research is primarily focused on the syrphid faunas of Ireland, France and Switzerland and saproxylic invertebrates.

Michael de Courcy Williams, Ph. D. (1986), Trinity College Dublin, is an independent entomological researcher in N.E. Greece. His background is taxonomic research on Diptera and applied biological control of pests in horticulture. Current work emphasizes insect habitats and ecotourism.

Santos Rojo, Ph.D. (1995), coordinates the research group Bionomy, Systematic and Applied Research on Insects at University of Alicante. His research is on the biology of hoverflies, blowflies and applied research on key species as black soldier fly and housefly.

Gunilla Ståhls, Ph.D. (1999) is manager of the Molecular DNA Laboratory at the Finnish Museum of Natural History. Her research is on the systematics and taxonomy of hoverflies and related dipteran groups integrating both morphological and molecular data.

Snežana Radenković, Ph.D. (2008) is professor at the University of Novi Sad. She is specialized in taxonomy, faunistics and zoogeography of Syrphidae (Diptera). She has been included in 11 national scientific projects and 3 European projects.

Laura Likov, Ph. D. (2018) works on the taxonomy, ecology and conservation of hoverflies as a research assistant in the Department of Biology and Ecology at the University of Novi Sad. The topic of her Ph.D. thesis was "The Fauna of Hoverflies (Diptera: Syrphidae) of Greece".

Marija Miličić, Ph.D. (2017), works as a research associate at BioSense Institute at the University of Novi Sad. Her research interests are mainly focused on the ecology and distributional patterns of hoverflies.

Celeste Pérez-Bañón, Ph.D. (2000) is senior lecturer of Entomology at the University of Alicante. Her research is mainly focused on hoverfly larval biology and insect-plant interactions (from phytophagy to pollination), and syrphid biodiversity studies in different parts of the world.

Steven Falk is a freelance entomologist/ecologist, based in the UK, specialising in pollinators and general invertebrate conservation. Co-author of British Hoverflies (Stubbs & Falk, 2002).

Theodora Petanidou, Ph.D. (1991) is professor of Ecology and Ecogeography at the University of the Aegean. Her research is on pollination ecology, plant-pollinator interactions, and biogeography of bees, hoverflies and other pollinators. She also works on Mediterranean ecogeography and natural resources.
List of Figures
Syrphid habitats in Greece
Broad altitudinal zones in Greece
Habitat formations
Coastal zone
Cultivated land
Evergreen forest formations
Deciduous broad-leaf forest formations
Deciduous forests
Montane coniferous forests
River-valley woods in the forest zone
Grasslands in forest and alpine zone
Gorges, cliffs and rocky walls

Taxonomic key to genera of the Greek Syrphidae
Syrphid species accounts
Appendix: species excluded and requiring confirmation
i. Species excluded based on revised determinations
ii. Species requiring confirmation in Greece
A useful handbook for academics (teachers, graduate and post-graduate students), insect taxonomists, nature managers and conservationists, insect enthusiasts and everyone interested in nature.
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