The EU as a Global Actor - Bridging Legal Theory and Practice

Liber Amicorum in honour of Ricardo Gosalbo Bono


This important collection, edited by Jenő Czuczai and Frederik Naert, covers the key areas of EU external relations law and broader institutional dimensions and principles of Union law. It does so under five headings - institutional dimensions; principles of Union law and legal theory; international law aspects; specific EU external policies (the Common Foreign and Security Policy; the Common Commercial Policy; and Justice and Home Affairs); and EU international agreements. Well-established academics and experienced practitioners from the different EU institutions offer a unique insight into EU practice and academic analysis of the most pertinent legal issues of the post-Lisbon legal environment of the EU, in particular in the external relations area.

The contributors are: Paul Berman, Michael Bishop, Thérèse Blanchet, Sonja Boelaert, Marise Cremona, Jenő Czuczai, Álvaro de Elera, Bart Driessen, Frank Hoffmeister, Pieter-Jan Kuijper, Hubert Legal, Gilles Marhic, Stephan Marquardt, Frederik Naert, Esa Paasivirta, Ricardo Passos, Ingolf Pernice, Allan Rosas, Ivan Smyth, Christiaan Timmermans, and Dirk Wouters.
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Biographical Note

Jenő Czuczai works as Legal Adviser at the Legal Service of the Council of the EU since 2006. He is also a visiting Professor of the College of Europe, Brugge and Natolin (Warsaw) since 1997. He is author, co-author, editor, co-editor of 14 books, and author of more than 100 academic articles.

Dr. Frederik Naert works at the Legal Service of the Council of the EU and is a senior affiliated researcher at Leuven University. His publications include International Law Aspects of the EU’s Security and Defence Policy (Intersentia, 2010).


Academics, practitioners (in EU institutions, national administrations and international organisations) and students dealing with EU external relations in particular, or with institutional and general EU law and international law generally.