Ordo et Sanctitas: The Franciscan Spiritual Journey in Theology and Hagiography

Essays in Honor of J. A. Wayne Hellmann, O.F.M. Conv.


This volume, Ordo et Sanctitas: The Franciscan Spiritual Journey in Theology and Hagiography, which celebrates the life and legacy of J. A. Wayne Hellmann, is comprised of articles written by colleagues, former students, and associates. The authors were invited to contribute their own articles within three broad categories corresponding with the areas in which Wayne has made a longstanding scholarly contribution: Franciscan hagiographical texts (especially Thomas of Celano); medieval theology and the Bonaventurian theological tradition; and the retrieval of the Franciscan tradition in a contemporary context.
All of the essays in the volume build upon and expand in new directions the contributions of our honoree in these areas.
Contributors are Regis J. Armstrong , Joshua C. Benson, Michael Blastic, Joseph Chinnici, Michael F. Cusato, Jacques Dalarun, J. Isaac Goff, Jay M. Hammond, Timothy J. Johnson, John Kruse, Steven J. McMichael, Juliet Mousseau, William Short, Laura Smit, and Katherine Wrisley Shelby.

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Michael F. Cusato, O.F.M., is a Franciscan friar and priest in the Sacred Heart Province of Friars Minor (St. Louis, MO). He is a church historian as well as a specialist in the history of the Franciscan movement, with special emphasis upon the first century of its existence. A number of these articles have been published in his: The Early Franciscan Movement (1205-1239): History, Sources, and Hermeneutics (2009). A former director of the Franciscan Institute and dean of its School of Franciscan Studies at St. Bonaventure University, he is currently a Distinguished Professor of St. Bonaventure University and an independent scholar living in Washington D.C.
Timothy J. Johnson is the Craig and Audrey Thorn Distinguished Professor of Religion at Flagler College. A Senior Fulbright Scholar and Chair of the Research Advisor Board of the Franciscan Institute, he was appointed in 2015 as a historical commissioner for the Cause of the Beatification and Canonization of Antonio Cuipa and Companions. He has published extensively in the areas of Franciscan history, spirituality and theology. He recently co-authored the Fonti Liturgiche Francescane (2015) with Marco Bartoli, Jacques Dalarun and Filippo Sedda, and translated the original Latin text of Thomas of Celano’s Vita brevior in The Rediscovered Life of St. Francis of Assisi, ed. Jacques Dalarun (2016).
Steven J. McMichael, O.F.M. Conv., is a Conventual Franciscan friar of Our Lady of Consolation Province (USA). He is an associate professor of theology at the University of Saint Thomas (Saint Paul, MN). He has worked on polemical literature of the Late Middle Ages and currently does research and writing on medieval preaching and theology on the resurrection. His most recent publication is The Glory of Paradise: Risen Life in the Easter Octave Sermons of Bernadino da Siena (2016).
"An interesting and insightful read, recommended to anyone wishing to learn more about ‘Franciscan stuff ’ (p. 111), from some of the most distinguished experts in the field."
Bridget Riley, University of Reading in The Journal of Medieval Monastic Studies, 7 (2018), 317–319
''This festschrift for Wayne Hellmann [...] focuses in fifteen essays on four distinct and yet interconnected themes, which can be linked to Hellmann’s lifelong scholarly interests in early Franciscan history and his engagement as a Conventual Franciscan within presentday society. Together, these essays give an inkling of Hellmann’s major intellectual and societal preoccupations and open a window on some cutting-edge developments in current Franciscan scholarship.
Bert Roest, in Renaissance Quarterly, 72(1).
''Building upon Hellmann's work, the contributors come up with interesting texts, ideas, and insights, collectively making this festschrift a genuinely enriching addition to Franciscan and Bonaventurian studies''.
Krijn Pansters in Speculum 94/3 (2019).
All interested in medieval hagiography (Thomas of Celano and others), medieval theology in general, the Bonaventurian theological tradition, and the retrieval of the Franciscan tradition in a contemporary context.