The Legend of Charlemagne

Envisioning Empire in the Middle Ages


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There are few historical figures in the Middle Ages that cast a larger shadow than Charlemagne. This volume brings together a collection of studies on the Charlemagne legend from a wide range of fields, not only adding to the growing corpus of work on this legendary figure, but opening new avenues of inquiry by bringing together innovative trends that cross disciplinary boundaries. This collection expands the geographical frontiers, and extends the chronological scope beyond the Middle Ages from the heart of Carolingian Europe to Spain, England, and Iceland. The Charlemagne found here is one both familiar and strange and one who is both celebrated and critiqued.
Contributors are Jada Bailey, Cullen Chandler, Carla Del Zotto, William Diebold, Christopher Flynn, Ana Grinberg, Elizabeth Melick, Jace Stuckey, and Larissa Tracy.

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Jace Stuckey, Ph.D. (2006), University of Florida, is Associate Professor of History at Marymount University in Arlington, Virginia. He has published articles and edited volumes on the Crusades and the Legend of Charlemagne.
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Jace Stuckey

part 1: Remembering and Imagining Charlemagne’s Legacy in Carolingian and Post-Carolingian Europe

1 Charlemagne: Already a Legend
Cullen Chandler

2 Imagined Crusades: The Legend of Charlemagne and the East
Jace Stuckey

part 2: Charlemagne as Exemplar and the ‘Other’ in the High and Later Middle Ages

3 Charlemagne on the Roaed to Santiago in the Liber Sancit Jacobi and the Karlamagnús Saga
Carla Del Zotto

4 The Representation of Charlemagne in the Speculum Historiale of Vincent of Beauvais
Christopher P. Flynn

5 Le Livre de Charlemaine: The Emperor Charlemagne as an Exemplar for Anglo-French Kings in the Fifteenth Century
Jade Bailey

part 3: Cross-Cultural Representations in Literature: Religion and Identity

6 Intimate Contacts of Charlemagne in Spain
Mainet as Portrait of an Enemy as a Young Man
Ana Grinberg

7 Charlemagne and the Saracens
Reimagining the Sequence of Aggression in Three Middle English Romances
Elizabeth Ponder Melick

8 “Charlemagne, King Arthur and Contested National Identity in English Romances”
Larissa Tracy

9 A Multicultural Charlemagne for the 21st Century
 The Exhibition Ex oriente: Isaak und der weisse Elefant (Aachen, 2003)
William J. Diebold

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All specialists in Medieval History and Literature, but especially scholars and students working on the influence of the legend of Charlemagne.
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