History of the Arabic Written Tradition Supplement Volume 3 - i


The present English translation reproduces the original German of Carl Brockelmann’s Geschichte der Arabischen Litteratur (GAL) as accurately as possible. In the interest of user-friendliness the following emendations have been made in the translation: Personal names are written out in full, except b. for ibn; Brockelmann’s transliteration of Arabic has been adapted to comply with modern standards for English-language publications; modern English equivalents are given for place names, e.g. Damascus, Cairo, Jerusalem, etc.; several erroneous dates have been corrected, and the page references to the two German editions have been retained in the margin, except in the Supplement volumes, where new references to the first two English volumes have been inserted.

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Carl Brockelmann (1868-1956, PhD, Strasburg, 1890), a renowned German orientalist, was professor at the universities of Breslau, Berlin, Königsberg, Halle and Breslau again. His best-known publication is Geschichte der arabischen Litteratur (GAL), a systematically organized bio-bibliographical reference on all Arabic literature.
Note to the Reader
Translator’s Note

Fourth Book: Modern Arabic Literature

 Chapter 1. Egypt Since the British Occupation
 Chapter 2. Syria
 Chapter 3. The Syrians in the Americas
 Chapter 4. Iraq
 Chapter 5. Arabia
 Chapter 6. The Maghreb

 Addenda & Corrigenda
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