Religions and Education in Antiquity

Studies in Honour of Michel Desjardins


Religions and Education in Antiquity gathers ten essays on teaching and learning in the contexts of ancient Western religions, including Judaism, early Christianity and Gnostic Christian traditions. Beginning with an overview of religious education in the ancient Near Eastern and Mediterranean worlds, editor Alex Damm and the contributors together demonstrate the mutual influence of religion and education on each other; the relevance of educational traditions in addressing (for instance) historical or exegetical issues; and the thoroughgoing importance of education to religious life across time and space in antiquity. Highly useful to scholars of religion, theology, classics and education, this volume affords a state of the art study on pedagogy and learning in ancient religious contexts.

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Alex Damm, Ph.D. (2010), University of Toronto, is Instructor in Religion and Culture at Wilfrid Laurier University. He is author of Ancient Rhetoric and the Synoptic Problem (2013) and editor of Gandhi in a Canadian Context (2016).

Contributors are: William Arnal, Alex Damm, John Horman, Michael Kaler, Jack N. Lightstone, Wayne O. McCready, John L. McLaughlin, Joseph A. Novak, Mona Tokarek LaFosse.
"Scholars of ancient and late antique adult instruction find interesting conversation partners in this stimulating volume."
- Monika Amsler, University of Maryland/University of Zürich, Zeitschrift für Religions-Wissenschaft 27.2, 2019.

"The present collection of essays is a worthwhile contribution toward the future realization of such a comprehensive overview. Further, in accordance with the twofold expertise of its dedicatee Michel Desjardins, the Festschrift not only offers theoretical insights into the history of ancient religious education but also contains practical didactical ideas that can be helpful to teachers as they prepare their classes, lectures, or seminars."
- Boris Paschke, Royal Athenaeum Emanuel Hiel, Belgium.
Notes on Contributors
Religions and Education in Antiquity: An Introduction
Alex Damm
1 Wisdom from the Wise: Pedagogical Principles from Proverbs
John L. McLaughlin
2 Education in the Sacrospace of Qumran Judaism
Wayne O. McCready
3 Late Second Temple Judaism: A Reconstruction and Re-description as a Religio-Cultural System
Jack N. Lightstone
4 Techne in Plato and the New Testament
Joseph A. Novak
5 Why Not to Pity Rome: Revelation 18:22-23a in its Ancient Educational Context
Alex Damm
6 Those Who Hear: The Power of Learners in 1 Timothy
Mona Tokarek LaFosse
7 Translation Matters: The Coptic Translation of Thomas
John Horman
8 Pedagogy, Text and the Solitary Self in the Gospel of Thomas
William Arnal
9 Praises and Rebukes in the Gnostic Revelation Dialogues
Michael Kaler

Students of ancient western religions, theology and classics, as well as those interested in cross-cultural studies of education.
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