The Crown of Aragon

A Singular Mediterranean Empire


Volume Editor: Flocel Sabaté
The Crown of Aragon. A Singular Mediterranean Empire recovers the history of an empire which was of great importance in the late medieval Mediterranean, but which has since been relegated almost to oblivion by the course of history. The Crown of Aragon was a Mediterranean crossroads: between west and east for the economy, and between north and south for culture and religion, drawing in many different peoples, covering Iberia to Greece. A new vision of the Crown of Aragon as a framework of overlapping identities facilitates its historiographical recovery, showcased in the chapters of this volume which analyse the economy, institutions, social evolution, political strategy and cultural expression in literature and art of the Crown of Aragon.
Contributors are David Abulafia, Lola Badia, Xavier Barral-i-Altet, Pere Benito, Maria Bonet, Jesús Brufal, Alessandra Cioppi, Damien Coulon, Luciano Gallinari, Isabel Grifoll, Adam J. Kosto, Esther Martí-Setañés, Sebastiana Nocco, Antoni Riera, Flocel Sabaté and Antoni Simon.

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Flocel Sabaté, Ph.D. (1993), University of Barcelona, is Professor of Medieval History at the University of Lleida. He has written and edited many publications, including, Historical Analysis of Catalan Identity (Bern, 2015) and Percepció i identificació dels catalans a l’edat mitjana (Barcelona, 2016).
'All the authors place the political, literary, linguistic, artistic, architectural, regional, social and economic history of the Crown of Aragon within a larger regional history of the Mediterranean, making this a recommended read for medievalists, Renaissance scholars, and early modernists. [...] this important volume will be of great value to any student of European history''. Silvia Z.Mitchell, in Reviews , November 2019.
Flocel Sabaté
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List of Contributors

1 The Crown of Aragon in Itself and Overseas: A Singular Mediterranean Empire
Flocel Sabaté
2 The Northeast Iberian Peninsula and its Muslim Rulers (8th–12th Century)
Jesús Brufal
3 Aragon and the Catalan Counties Before the Union
Adam J. Kosto
4 An Intense but Stymied Occitan Campaign
Pere Benito
5 The Culture (9th–12th Centuries): Clerics and Troubadours
Isabel Grifoll
6 The Romanesque in the Mountains and on the Border
Xavier Barral-i-Altet
7 Territory, Power and Institutions in the Crown of Aragon
Flocel Sabaté
8 The Beginnings of Urban Manufacturing and Long Distance Trade
Antoni Riera
9 Crises and Changes in the Late Middle Ages
Antoni Riera
10 The Commercial Influence of the Crown of Aragon in the Eastern Mediterranean (13th–15th Centuries)
Damien Coulon
11 The People: Labourers and Rulers in an Expanding Society
Maria Bonet
12 Islands and the Control of the Mediterranean Space
Alessandra Cioppi and Sebastiana Nocco
13 Language: From the Countryside to the Royal Court
Lola Badia and Isabel Grifoll
14 Writers at the End of Middle Ages
Lola Badia
15 A Gothic Mediterranean Catalan Art
Xavier Barral-i-Altet
16 Identities in Contact in the Mediterranean
Flocel Sabaté
17 The Medieval Legacy: Constitutionalism versus Absolutism. The Case of Catalonia
Antoni Simon
18 The Medieval Heritage: Islands and Territories with a Specific Identity?
Luciano Gallinari and Esther Martí Sentañes
19 The Catalans and the Mediterranean
David Abulafia

All interested in medieval Europe, in particular the history of the medieval Mediterranean, culture, and trade, and especially Iberia and Italy in the Middle Ages.