Cosmopolitanism in the Portuguese-Speaking World


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This book addresses different dimensions of cosmopolitanism in the Portuguese-speaking world which have caused much debate, such as migration and globalisation. The volume includes contributions from leading specialists in History, Musicology, Literary Studies, Anthropology and Political Sciences. It focuses on specific processes in Brazil, Portugal, West Africa, Angola, and other parts of the world, from the sixteenth century to the present. Central topics are intercontinental trading elites, the cultural impact of forced and voluntary migration, the republic of letters, the possibilities created by freemasonry and liberalism, the adaptation of the Azorean Holy Ghost Feast to the United States, international links of conservative politicians, the international projection of the new Angolan elite, architecture and urban planning.

Contributors are: Vanda Anastácio, Cátia Antunes, Paulo Arruda, Francisco Bethencourt, Toby Green, Philip J. Havik, David R. M. Irving, João Leal, Giovanni Leoni, Ricardo Soares de Oliveira, António Costa Pinto, and Phillip Rothwell.

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Francisco Bethencourt is Charles Boxer Professor of History at King’s College London. He is the author of Racisms: From the Crusades to the Twentieth Century (Princeton, 2013) and The Inquisition: a Global History, 1478-1834 (Cambridge, 2009).
Francisco Bethencourt
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Notes on Contributors

1 Cosmopolitanism: The Fortunes of a Word
Francisco Bethencourt

Part 1: Expansion and Empire

2 On Cosmopolitanism and Cross-Culturalism: An Enquiry into the Business Practices and Multiple Identities of the Portuguese Merchants of Amsterdam
Catia Antunes
3 Pluralism, Violence and Empire: The Portuguese New Christians in the Atlantic World
Toby Green
4 Cosmopolitan Bravado: Gendered Agency and the Afro-Atlantic Encounter
Philip J. Havik
5 Early Modern Imperialism and Cosmopolitanism
Francisco Bethencourt

Part 2: Early Modern Civility

6 Music and Cosmopolitanism in the Early Modern Lusophone World
David R.M. Irving
7 Women Writers in an International Context: Was the Marchioness of Alorna (1750–1839) Cosmopolitan?
Vanda Anastácio
8 Freemasonry and Cosmopolitanism: The Case of Hipólito José da Costa (1774–1823)
Paulo H. de M. Arruda

Part 3: Modern Cultural Practices

9 Cosmopolitanism versus Internationalism: Távora, Siza and Souto Moura
Giovanni Leoni and Howard Sugar
10 Cosmopolitan Trends in the Class Structure of Pepetela’s Work
Phillip Rothwell
11 Migrant Cosmopolitanism: Ritual and Cultural Innovation among Azorean Immigrants in the usa
João Leal

Part 4: Modern Political Practices

12 The Appeal of Fascism: Reactionary Cosmopolitanism in Early 20th-Century Portugal
António Costa Pinto
13 The New Elite, Cosmopolitanism and the Politics of Inequality in Contemporary Angola
Ricardo Soares de Oliveira

Scholars, students and cultural agents interested in the Portuguese-speaking world.
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