The Cross-Cultural Legacy

Critical and Creative Writings in Memory of Hena Maes-Jelinek


This volume pays tribute to the formidable legacy of Hena Maes–Jelinek (1929–2008), a pioneering postcolonial scholar who was a professor at the University of Liège, in Belgium. Along with a few moving and affectionate pieces retracing the life and career of this remarkable and deeply human intellectual figure, the collection contains poems, short fiction, and metafiction. The bulk of the book consists of contributions on various areas of postcolonial literature, including the work of Wilson Harris, the ground-breaking writer to whom Hena Maes–Jelinek devoted much of her career. Other writers treated include Ben Okri, Leone Ross, Kamau Brathwaite, Jamaica Kincaid, Peter Carey, Murray Bail, Patrick White, Janice Kulyk Keefer, Dan Jacobson, Joseph Conrad, and Eslanda Goode Robeson. Caryl Phillips revisits his earlier reflections on the ‘European tribe’. There are wide-ranging essays analysing consanguineous authors, on such topics as Caribbean treatments of the Jewish Diaspora, Swiss-Caribbean authors, the contemporary Australian short story and the Asian connection, and ‘habitation’ in Australian fiction, as well as a searching examination of the socio-political fallout from the scandal of Australia’s ‘Stolen Generations’.

Contributors are: Gordon Collier, Tim Cribb, Fred D'Aguiar, Geoffrey V. Davis, Jeanne Delbaere, Marc Delrez, Jean–Pierre Durix, Wilson Harris, Dominique Hecq, Marie Herbillon, Louis James, Karen King–Aribisala, Bénédicte Ledent, Christine Levecq, Alecia McKenzie, Carine Mardorossian, Peter H. Marsden, Alistair Niven, Annalisa Oboe, Britta Olinder, Christine Pagnoulle, Caryl Phillips, Lawrence Scott, Stephanos Stephanides, Klaus Stuckert, Peter O. Stummer, Petra Tournay–Theodotou, Daria Tunca, Cynthia vanden Driesen, Janet Wilson.

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Gordon Collier and Geoffrey V. Davis, now retired, taught at Justus Liebig University, Giessen, and the Rhenish–Westphalian Technical University, respectively. Marc Delrez and Bénédicte Ledent teach at the University of Liège.
The Invention of Legacy: A Tribute to Hena Maes–Jelinek, by JEANNE DELBAERE
Because It Was She, by JEANNE DELBAERE
The Invention of Legacy: Opening Ceremony, by GEOFFREY V. DAVIS
Text Read at the Launch of The Labyrinth of Universality, by WILSON HARRIS
Cumberland Lodge: Honouring Hena in the Right Setting, by ALASTAIR NIVEN
A Kaddish for Hena, by PETER H. MARSDEN
The Empathy of Genius: Hena Maes–Jelinek and Wilson Harris, by LOUIS JAMES
Place and Time: The Two Anchors, by T.J. CRIBB
The Legacy of the Imagination: Reading Wilson Harris after Hena Maes–Jelinek, by JEAN–PIERRE DURIX
Intersections on the ‘Map of Art’: Metaphor in Ben Okri’s Dangerous Love and Wilson Harris’s The Mask of the Beggar, by DARIA TUNCA
A Tribute to Hena, by LAWRENCE SCOTT
On a Voyage to Demerara, 1859, by LAWRENCE SCOTT
Revisiting The European Tribe, by CARYL PHILLIPS
How Anancy Feeds His Family (and Himself), by FRED D’AGUIAR
Telling Your Story: Memory and Trauma in Leone Ross’s Orange Laughter, by PETRA TOURNAY–THEODOTOU
On the ‘Erasure of Specificities’ in Studies of the African Diaspora, by CHRISTINE LEVECQ
Swiss-Caribbean Authors: A Legacy of Swiss Involvement in the Colonial System, by KLAUS STUCKERT
On the Kamau Trail: Tracking Poems from Page to Stage, by CHRISTINE PAGNOULLE
Race, Literacy, and Postcoloniality in Jamaica Kincaid’s Mr. Potter, by CARINE MARDOROSSIAN
Caribbean Writers and the Jewish Diaspora: A Shared Experience of Otherness, by BÉNÉDICTE LEDENT
Remarkable Developments in the Australian Short Story: John Murray and Nam Le, by PETER O. STUMMER
Mourning and Metafiction in Peter Carey’s Chemistry of Tears, by MARC DELREZ
Murray Bail’s Eucalyptus: An Australian Fairy-Tale?, by MARIE HERBILLON
Metonyms of Mood and Condition: The Semiosis of Habitation in Selected Australian Fiction Since Patrick White, by GORDON COLLIER
(Not) Saying Sorry: Australian Responses to the Howard Government’s Refusal to Apologize to the Stolen Generations, by JANET WILSON
Cannibalism and ‘Unspeakable Rites’: Patrick White’s A Fringe of Leaves and Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness, by CYNTHIA VANDEN DRIESEN
The Holocaust as Private and Public Crisis: Janice Kulyk Keefer’s Poetic Version of Etty Hillesum’s Diaries and Letters, by BRITTA OLINDER
“The Territory of My Imagination”: Rediscovering Dan Jacobson’s South Africa, by GEOFFREY V. DAVIS
The Legacy of Atlantic Crossings: Eslanda Goode Robeson’s African Journey (1945), by ANNALISA OBOE
Letters to the End of Grief, DOMINIQUE HECQ
All those interested in postcolonial anglophone literature, culture, and society.