Sheikh Ahmadu Bamba: Selected Poems

Edited by Sana Camara, with an Introduction, Commentary, and Notes


Author: Sana Camara
While in exile in Gabon (1895–1902), Sheikh Ahmadu Bamba marked a historic moment with his poetry of resilience, pivotal to the cultural and religious transformation of the Murīds of Senegal. The qaṣāʾid (poems) included in this annotated edition, most of them hymns of praise to the qualities of Allāh and the Prophet Muḥammad, and professions of faith that demonstrate how to realize the precepts found in the Qur’ān, display the underlying elements of Sheikh Ahmadu Bamba’s imaginative energy and poetic vision. They reveal a unifying poetic purpose and exemplify Ṣūfī literary traditions in subject matter, form, and versification and aim to explore the deepest regions of mysticism in search of the divine truth.

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Sana Camara, Ph.D. (2001), Ohio State University, is Professor of French at Truman State University. His publications include Wolof Lexicon and Grammar(2006), Sëriñ Muusaa Ka: Melokaani Roytéef (2008), The Epic of Kelefaa Saane (2010), and La poésie sénégalaise d’expression française (2011).
List of Illustrations
Note on Orthography
1. As-sindīdi
2. Sabhun Taqī
3. Nafāhani
4. Wajjahtu
5. Asīru Mahaʾl-Abrāri
6. Jāwartu Lāha Bi Kitābihi Ilā Duqūliya Jannatahū
7. Mawāhibu Nāfihī Fī Madā Ihi Shāfihī
8. Tuhfatuʾl-Mutadarihīna
9. Mathlabuʾl-Shifāʾi
Commentary and Notes
Glossary of Foreign Terms
This work is a significant addition to the corpus of African Sūfī poetry and relevant to scholars and students of African literature, philosophy, linguistics, theology, sociology, and multi-cultural studies.