Arabic Humanities, Islamic Thought

Essays in Honor of Everett K. Rowson


This volume brings together studies that explore the richness of the Arabic literary tradition and of Islamic intellectual life, from the beginnings of Islam to the present. The contributors cover an unusually wide range of subjects, including such topics as guile in the Quran, marriage in Islamic law, early esoterica, commentaries on al-Ḥarīrī’s Maqamāt, Hellenistic philosophy in Arabic, medieval music and song, scurrilous poetry, Arabic rhetoric, cursing, the modern social and legal history of the Middle East, al-Kharrat’s modernist project, and contemporary Islamic thought and responses to it.

The volume’s range reflects the enormous breadth of Everett Rowson’s scholarship and his impact over a lifetime of publishing, editing, teaching, and mentoring in the many fields that constitute the Arabic humanities and Islamic thought.

Contributors: Ali Humayun Akhtar, Thomas Bauer, Hans Hinrich Biesterfeldt, Kevin van Bladel, Marilyn Booth, Michael Cooperson, Kenneth M. Cuno, Geert Jan van Gelder, Hala Halim, Lara Harb, David Hollenberg, Matthew L. Keegan, David Larsen, Joseph E. Lowry, Zainab Mahmood, Jon McGinnis, Jeannie Miller, John Nawas, Bilal Orfali, Alex Popovkin, Dwight F. Reynolds, Susan A. Spectorsky, Tara Stephan, Adam Talib, Sarra Tlili, Shawkat M. Toorawa, James Toth, Mark S. Wagner.

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Joseph E. Lowry, (Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania, 1999) teaches Arabic and Islamic Studies at the University of Pennsylvania and is an editor of the Library of Arabic Literature.

Shawkat M. Toorawa, (Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania, 1998), teaches Arabic language and literature at Yale University and is an editor of the Library of Arabic Literature.
"Enthralling and titillating, this is an impressive compilation of papers written in honor of Everett K. Rowson, covering a suprisingly vast number o fields, in perception heretic, challenging, and informative, positively adding to the extant literature." - Stavros Nikolaidis, in: Journal of Oriental and African Studies 27 (2018)
List of Contributors

Editors’ Preface

Tabula Gratulatoria

Publications of Everett K. Rowson

From Breath to Soul: The Quranic Word Rūḥ and its (Mis)interpretations
Sarra Tlili

The Wiles of Women, The Guile of Men: Re-reading Kayd in Sūrat Yūsuf
Zainab Mahmood

Some Ḥanbalī Views on Secret Marriage
Susan A. Spectorsky

Anta anā wa-anā minka (“You are me, and I am from you”): A Quasi-Nuṣayrī Fragment on the Intellect in the Early Ismāʿīlī Treatise Kitāb Taʾwīl ḥurūf al-muʿjam
David Hollenberg

The Crucified Speaks: ʿAlī ibn al-Jahm on his Day-Long Exposure at Nishapur
David Larsen

Man Is Not the Only Speaking Animal: Thresholds and Idiom in al-Jāḥiẓ
Jeannie Miller

Beyond the Known Limits: Ibn Dāwūd al-Iṣfahānī’s Chapter on “Intermedial” Poetry
Lara Harb

Foul Whisperings: Madness and Poetry in Arabic Literary History
Geert Jan van Gelder

Music for the Body, Music for the Soul
Hans Hinrich Biesterfeldt

Zoroaster’s Many Languages
Kevin van Bladel

Song and Punishment
Dwight F. Reynolds

Fathers and Husbands
Adam Talib

Writing the Past: Ancient Egypt Through the Lens of Medieval Islamic Thought
Tara Stephan

‘The Mosul Stand-up, or a Riff on a Stiff’: al-Hamadhānī’s Maqāma of Mosul
Michael Cooperson

An Edition of al-Hamadhānī’s al-Maqāma al-Mawṣiliyya
Bilal Orfali

Sucker of One’s Mother’s Clitoris: A Study of a Classical Arabic Insult
John Nawas

Commentators, Collators, and Copyists: Interpreting Manuscript Variation in the
Exordium of al-Ḥarīrī’s Maqāmāt
Matthew L. Keegan

Going the Extra Mayl: Two Texts on Medieval Dynamics in the Islamic World
Jon McGinnis

“Extremely Beautiful and Extremely Long”: al-Qīrāṭī’s Exuberant Letter from the Year
Thomas Bauer

Enterprising Sultans and the Doge of Venice: Political Culture and the Patronage of Science and Philosophy in the Fifteenth-Century Mediterranean
Ali Humayun Akhtar

Contextualizing Muḥammad ʿAbduh’s Views on the Family, Marriage, and Divorce
Kenneth M. Cuno

“Go directly home with decorum”: Conduct Books for Egypt’s Young, ca. 1912
Marilyn Booth

When Jews Attack: Toward a Social Psychology of Inter-Communal Violence in
Mark S. Wagner

Scope for Comparatism: Internationalist and Surrealist Resonances in Idwār al-Kharrāṭ’s
Resistant Literary Modernity
Hala Halim

Securing Consent: Islamic Development and the Movement to Transform Egypt
James Toth

Anyone interested in Arabic language, philology and literature and in Islamic thought from early Islam to the present.
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