Beyond Marx and Other Entries


Author: David Gleicher
Beyond Marx and Other Entries is a truly original book by David Gleicher, author of The Rescue of the Third Class on the Titanic: A Revisionist History (Liverpool University Press, 2006). It explores deep areas of semiotics, joined with economics, anthropology, sociology, history and philosophy and political science, even Franz Kafka's literary works. These are communicated by entries, based primarily on Gleicher’s actual blog Looking through the crack from 2013 to 2017. No other book quite compares to it, but one might equate it to impressionist art, or the 'the one and the many'. Each entry is independent; nothing in one makes even an allusion to another. Readers, however, cannot help but to make connections themselves and develop their own understandings of dystopian possibilities.

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David Gleicher, Ph.D. (1984), Columbia University, is Professor in Economics at Adelphi University. He has published 3 monographs, and many articles in history of economic thought, value theory, and social semiotics, as well as many reviews.
The Summer Before the War
1 Industrializing Capital: Classic Works of the Twentieth Century
 Harry Braverman's Labor and Monopoly Capital
 Karl Polanyi's The Great Transformation
 Adolph Berle's & Gardener Means' The Modern Corporation & Private Property
 The Conclusion of Marcel Mauss's The Gift
 The Great Failure of 20 th Century Economists
2 Corresponding Thoughts of Benjamin: Kafka, Bakhtin and the Prague School
 The Role of Language in Trauerspiel and Tragedy
 Shapes of Time
 Semiotics of the Social: Karcevskij's Principle and the Imaginary Community
 Keys to Kafka's Castle, a Guideline for the Innocent Reader
3 On the Fringe
 Liberal Keynesianism and Modern Money Theory (MMT)
 The Pope and a Respected Orthodox Economist
 Keynes and CH Douglas
 Might This be Done?
4 Archaic Money
 Barter Exchange and Gift-giving
 Corrupt Gift-giving
Nexum and Mancipium
5 Life-needs and Money Sequences, Outside or Inside a Sealed Vessel
 Value Reduction
 Contemporary Banking & Finance
 Culture of Liquidation
 Costa Lapavitsas' Profiting Without Production
 Atavistic Critique
 Maurizio Lazzarato's Making of the Indebted Man
6 Life as a Baby Boomer
 Red Diaper Baby
 Herman Hesse's Steppenwolf Revisited
 Counterculture of Walter Benjamin
 George Orwell's 1984
 Gulf of Tonkin Resolution
 Evaporation of the Sixties
7 Financialization of the Universities
 Nicholas Kristof on Knowledge and Deep Learning
 A Brief History of Adelphi
 The Edifice Complex
8 Identity Politics
 Working Families Party: Is It the Moment? (May 2014)
 Resistance on All Sides (September 2014)
 Because I Am a Neurosurgeon
 The Story of Rachel Dolezal
 Thou Shalt Not Kill
 The Clintons' Fusion of Parties
 Self-identification Against Democratic Socialism
 MLK and the Clintons
All those interested in semiotics, economics, anthropology, sociology, history and philosophy and political science.