The Lindisfarne Gospels

New Perspectives


Masterpiece of medieval manuscript production and decoration, its Latin text glossed throughout in Old English, the Lindisfarne Gospels is a vital witness to the book culture, art, and Christianity of the Anglo-Saxons and their interactions with Ireland, Italy, and the wider world. The expert studies in this collection examine in turn the archaeology of Holy Island, relations between Ireland and Northumbria, early Northumbrian book culture, the relationship of the Lindisfarne Gospels to the Church universal, the canon table apparatus of the manuscript, the decoration of its Canon Tables, its systems of liturgical readings, the mathematical principles underlying the design of its carpet pages, points of comparison and contrast with the Book of Durrow, the Latin and Old English texts, the nature of the glossator’s ink, and the meaning of enigmatic words and phrases within the vernacular gloss. Approaching the material from a series of new perspectives, the contributors shed new light on numerous aspects of this magnificent manuscript, its milieux, and its significance.

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Richard Gameson is Professor of the History of the Book, Durham University. He has published nearly 100 studies on medieval manuscripts, art, and book collections. He was academic curator of the exhibition ‘Lindisfarne Gospels Durham: one amazing book, one incredible journey’, held at Palace Green Library, Durham, in 2013.
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1 ‘A place more venerable than all in Britain’: The Archaeology of Anglo-Saxon Lindisfarne
David Petts
2 The Irish Tradition in Northumbria after the Synod of Whitby
Clare Stancliffe
3 Northumbrian Books in the Seventh and Eighth Centuries
Richard Gameson
4 Reading the Lindisfarne Gospels: Text, Image, Context
Michelle P. Brown
5 The Eusebian Apparatus in the Lindisfarne Gospels: Ailerán’s Kanon euangeliorum as a Lens for Its Appreciation
Thomas O’Loughlin
6 Painting by Numbers: The Art of the Canon Tables
Heather Pulliam
7 The Lindisfarne Gospels and the Performative Voice of Gospel Manuscripts
Carol Farr
8 The Lindisfarne Gospels: The Art of Symmetry and the Symmetry of Art
Michael N. Brennan
9 The Book of Durrow and the Lindisfarne Gospels
Nancy Netzer
10 The Texts of the Lindisfarne Gospels
Richard Marsden
11 Aldred’s Red Gloss
Andrew Beeby, Richard Gameson, Catherine Nicholson and Anthony W. Parker
12 The Lindisfarne Gospels: Aldred’s Gloss: For God and St Cuthbert and All the Saints Together Who are in the Island
E.G. Stanley

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Students (undergraduate and postgraduate) and scholars, academic libraries, institutions and general public interested in early medieval Europe, Anglo-Saxon England, book illumination, Old English language and literature.
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