Venice and Its Neighbors from the 8th to 11th Century

Through Renovation and Continuity


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Venice and Its Neighbors from the 8th to 11th Century offers an account of the formation and character of early Venice, drawing on archaeological evidence from Venice and related sites, and written sources. The volume covers topics including: Venice’s role within the Byzantine exarchate of Ravenna during the 7th century; its independence in the mid-8th century; and its position as a dominant European and Mediterranean power. The work also discusses the birth of neighbouring communities of the northern Adriatic zone relevant to the rise of Venice.
Contributors are Francesco Borri, Silvia Cadamuro, Alessandra Cianciosi, Elisa Corrò, Stefano Gasparri, Sauro Gelichi, Cecilia Moine, Annamaria Pazienza, Sandra Primon, and Chiara Provesi.

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Sauro Gelichi is Professor of Medieval Archaeology at the University of Ca’ Foscari. He has been director of many archaeological research projects in Italy and beyond, including in Tunisia, Syria, Turkey, and Montenegro, and has published monographs and articles on archaeological and historical subjects. He is also principal editor of the journal Archeologia Medievale.
Stefano Gasparri is Professor of Medieval History at the University of Ca’ Foscari. He has published widely on Italian history in the Early Middle Ages. He is co-founder of the website Reti Medievali. Iniziative on line per gli studi medievistici, director of the Centro interuniversitario per la storia e l'archeologia dell'alto medio (SAAME), and president of the Società degli storici medievisti italiani (SISMED).
"This volume, therefore, not only fulfilled its aims, but also opened new perspectives for cooperation between researchers dealing with the history of the common Adriatic space". Neven Budak, in Ocjene i prikazi (2020).
All interested in the archaeology and history of Venice and the Italian early middle ages.
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