A Companion to Boniface


The eighth-century English missionary and church reformer Boniface was a highly influential figure in early medieval Europe. His career in modern-day Germany, France, and the Netherlands is attested in an exceptional number of textual sources: a correspondence of over 150 letters, Latin poetry, church council records, sermons, and penitentials. Numerous saints’ lives and modern devotional materials further reveal how he was remembered by the religious communities that claim him as a foundational figure.

This volume comprises the latest scholarship on Boniface and his fellow missionaries, examining the written materials associated with Boniface, his impacts on the regions of Europe where he worked (Hessia, Thuringia, Bavaria, Frisia, and Francia), and the development of his cult in the Middle Ages and today.

Contributors include: Michel Aaij, John-Henry Clay, Michael Glatthaar, Shannon Godlove, Leanne Good, Petra Kehl, Felice Lifshitz, Rob Meens, Michael Edward Moore, Marco Mostert, James Palmer, Janneke Raaijmakers, Rudolf Schieffer, Emily Thornbury, Siegfried Weichlein, and Barbara Yorke.

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Michel Aaij is Associate Professor of English at Auburn University Montgomery. He studied at Amsterdam’s Vrije Universiteit and received a Ph.D. in Medieval Language and Literature from the University of Alabama. His interests include the popular veneration of saints; he has published on saints Elisabeth and Boniface.
Shannon Godlove, Ph.D. (2010), University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, is Associate Professor of English at Columbus State University. Her research on Old English and Anglo-Latin hagiography has been published in Studies in Philology, Philological Quarterly, Chaucer Review, and Early Medieval Europe.
Anyone interested in history of early medieval England, Francia, Germany, missionaries, church history, canon law, hagiography, Anglo-Latin literature, modern cults of the saints in Europe; (post-)graduate students, specialist and non-specialist historians. Keywords: Bonifatius, Early Medieval England, Anglo-Saxon England, Germania, Hessia, Frisia, Francia, Missionaries, eighth century, 8th C., Anglo-Latin literature, church history, canon law, cult of saints, letters, hagiography.