Military Ethics and Leadership


Most books and articles still treat leadership and ethics as related though separate phenomena. This edited volume is an exception to that rule, and explicitly treats leadership and ethics as a single domain. Clearly, ethics is an aspect of leadership, and not a distinct approach that exists alongside other approaches to leadership. This holds especially true for the for the military, as it is one of the few organizations that can legitimately use violence. Military leaders have to deal with personnel who have either used or experienced violence. This intertwinement of leadership and violence separates military leadership from leadership in other professions. Even in a time that leadership is increasingly questioned, it is still good leadership that keeps soldiers from crossing the thin line between legitimate force and excessive violence

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Dr Peter Olsthoorn is Associate Professor in Military Leadership and Ethics at the Netherlands Defence Academy. Besides leadership and ethics, he teaches on armed forces and society, war and media, and on ethics and fundamental rights in the European Joint Master’s in Strategic Border Management. His research is mainly on topics such as military virtues, military medical ethics, drones and the ethics of border guarding. Among his publications are Honor in Political and Moral Philosophy (State University of New York Press 2015) and Military Ethics and Virtues: An Interdisciplinary Approach for the 21st Century (Routledge 2010).
List of Contributors;
1 Leadership, Ethics, and the Centrality of Character
Peter Olsthoorn
2 Armouring against Atrocity: Developing Ethical Strength in Small Military Units
Tom McDermott and Stephen Hart
3 Ethical Leadership in the Military: The Gap between Theory and Practice in Ethics Education
Miriam C. de Graaff, Peter W. de Vries, Walter J. van Bijlevelt and Ellen Giebels
4 ABCA Coalition Operations in Afghanistan, Iraq and Beyond: Two Decades of Military Ethics Challenges and Leadership Responses
David Whetham
5 Military Leaders, Fragmentation, and the Virtue of Integrity
Nathan L. Cartagena and Michael D. Beaty
6 Military Integrity: Moral or Ethical?
Patrick Mileham
7 Soldiers’ Autonomy and Military Authority
Mihaly Boda
8 The Concept of Innere Führung: Dimensions of Its Ethics
Angelika Dörfler-Dierken
9 Intervening as a Moral Duty: Michael Walzer versus a Multilateralism Approach
Arseniy Kumankov
10 When International Dialogue about Military Ethics Confronts Diverse Cultural and Political Practices: ‘Guilt and Confession’ as a Case in Point
George R. Wilkes
11 Moral Judgement in War and Peacekeeping Operations: An Empirical Review
Miriam C. de Graaff, Femke D.A. den Besten, Ellen Giebels and Desiree Verweij
12 The Disenchantment of Victory and Ethical Dilemmas for Military Leadership: Sovereignty, the Spell of War and Elusiveness of Victory
Boris Kashnikov
13 Special Forces and Ethics: A Preliminary Assessment of the Leadership Challenge
Deane-Peter Baker
The book is mainly aimed at faculty of universities and military academies and schools, libraries, and anyone interested in leadership and/or military ethics
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