Resignation and Ecstasy: The Moral Geometry of Collective Self-Destruction

Volume Three of Sacrifice and Self-Defeat


Author: Mark P. Worrell
Once again, for the first time, Marx and Durkheim join forces while exploring the moral economy of neoliberalism. Resignation and Ecstasy provides a fresh perspective on the immortal vortex of sacred energies pulsating beneath the peculiar logic of modern accumulation. Relying on dialectical methods, classical sociology and psychoanalysis are reconstituted within an Hegelian social ontology to differentiate the ephemeral from the eternal aspects of social life.

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Professor Mark P. Worrell (Ret.) is an Associate Editor at Critical Sociology. Worrell has published widely in critical theory journals and has authored or edited numerous books in the areas of conflict, class, theory, and social ontology.
List of Figures
Introduction: the Beatings Will Continue Until Morale Improves
 1The Negative Absolute
 3Good and Evil
 4Necessity and Reductionism
 5Social Facts
 7Absolute Psychology
 8Sacrifice and the Concept

1 The Whirlpool of the Negative Absolute
 1The Ghost of Solidarity
 2The Bert and Ernie Dialectic
 3The Void
 4Infinity and Taboo
 5Autonomy and Heteronomy
 6Rights, Inevitability, and Necessity
 7Nihilism and Skepticism
 8Ekstasis and Resignation
 9Piacula and Asceticism
 10The Savage Child: infantilism and Primitivism
 11Heterarchy and Autothematicism
 12Compound Alienation
 13Bombers, Shooters, and Drones
 14The Grimace of the Vortex

2 A Formal Condensation of Moral Geometry
Conclusion: the Beginning of the End
Appendix: energy, Form, and Concept
 1The Spirit of Obsolescence
 2The Consciousness of the Whole
 3Realism, Nominalism, Idealism, and Materialism
 5The Post-kantians
 6Split Reasoning
 8Dialectical Materialism
 9Universals and Individuals
 10Rationalism and Empiricism
 11Viewpoints and Perspectives
 12Sharks and Moderate Realism
 13Social Realism and Social Constructionism
 14The Return of Subjectivist Understandings
 15Methodological Individualism
 16The Really Real
Graduate students, academic professionals, and intellectuals interested in a classical sociological, psychodynamic, and Hegelian interpretation of the sacred as it applies to the neoliberal capitalist system will be enlightened.