The Capacity to be Displaced: Resilience, Mission, and Inner Strength


The experience of displacement is shared by people who work internationally. The capacity to be displaced is a necessary strength and skill for people working across cultures, particularly for missionaries. In order to deal with the stressful nature of displacement people need to be resilient, resilience makes people flourish in adverse circumstances. This volume presents a specific type of resilience, namely “resilience nourished by inner sources.” Cultivating inner resilience draws on all the facets of a person’s interior life: thoughts and memories, hopes and desires, beliefs and convictions, concerns and emotions. The notion of inner strength and resilience from within is developed using many examples from missionaries and development workers as well as case studies from all over the world.
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Biographical Note

Clemens Sedmak holds the F.D. Maurice Chair in Moral and Social Theology at King’s College London. He is also a Visiting Professor at the Center for Social Concerns at the University of Notre Dame working in the area of Social Ethics.

Table of contents

Contents Preface Introduction Chapter 1: The Capacity to be Displaced Chapter 2: The Discourse on Resilience Chapter 3: Testimonies of Epistemic Resilience in Situations of Displacement Chapter 4: Structures of Inner Being Chapter 5: Strengthening Powers of Resilience: Voices from the Philokalia Chapter 6: Cultivating Interiority: Thinking and Therapeutic Arguments Chapter 7: Resources of Epistemic Resilience: Existential Commitments Chapter 8: Hope and Love: Epistemic Resilience and “Magis” Epilogue Bibliography Index


All interested in mission and development work, but also readers who want to learn more about resilience; the book is of value to theologians, psychologists, international studies experts, development theorists.