Early Modern Prophecies in Transnational, National and Regional Contexts (3 vols.)


In this 3-volume set of primary sources, Lionel Laborie and Ariel Hessayon bring together a wide range of vital sources for the study of prophecy in the early modern world. This meticulously edited collection includes rare material and fascinating manuscripts published in English for the first time. Volumes are organised geographically, each with its own introduction by a specialist. Together with their respective contributors, they show how prophecies circulated widely throughout this period at all levels of society. Indeed, they often emerged in times of crisis and were delivered as warnings as well as signals of hope. Moreover, they were constantly adapted and translated to suit ever changing contexts – including those for which they had not been originally intended.

Contributors include: Viktoria Franke, Monika Frohnapfel, William Gibson, Mayte Green, Marios Hatzopoulos, Jacqueline Hermann, Ariel Hessayon, Warren Johnston, Lionel Laborie, Adelisa Malena, Andreas Pečar, Martin Pjecha, Michael Riordan, Luís Filipe Silvério Lima, Damien Tricoire, Leslie Tuttle, and Kristine Wirts.

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Lionel Laborie, Ph.D. (2011), is Assistant Professor in Early Modern History at Leiden University. His research focuses on early modern dissenters and transnational networks. He is the author of Enlightening Enthusiasm: Prophecy and Religious Experience in Early Eighteenth-Century England (MUP 2015).

Ariel Hessayon, Ph.D. (1996), is a Reader in the Department of History at Goldsmiths, University of London. He has published extensively on a variety of early modern topics. His next book is on the reception of Jacob Boehme in the English-speaking world.
VOLUME ONE: Continental Europe
Notes on Contributors

Introduction: Reformations, Prophecy and Eschatology
Andreas Pečar and Damien Tricoire

1 Hussite Eschatological Texts (1412–1421): Background and Introduction
Martin Pjecha

2 Jacques Massard: Prophecy and the Harmony of Knowledge
Kristine Wirts and Leslie Tuttle

3 Friedrich Breckling’s Paulus Redivivus (1688) and Catalogus Haereticorum (c. 1697–1703)
Viktoria Franke

4 Huguenot Prophecies in Eighteenth-Century France
Lionel Laborie


VOLUME TWO: The Mediterranean World
Notes on Contributors

Mediterranean Apocalypticism: An Introduction
Mayte Green-Mercado

5 Sebastianism: A Portuguese Prophecy
Jacqueline Hermann

6 “Hopes of Portugal” by Antonio Vieira: 17th-Century Portuguese America, a Luso-Brazilian Fifth Empire and Prophetical Views of History
Luís Filipe Silvério Lima

7 Prophecies in Early Modern Spain: Deceit, Scandals, and the Spanish Inquisition
Monika Frohnapfel-Leis

8 The So-Called Italian Quietism: Siena in the 1680s
Adelisa Malena

9 Saints in Revolt: The Anti-Ottoman “Vision of kyr Daniel”
Marios Hatzopoulos


VOLUME THREE: The British Isles
Notes on Contributors

Millenarianism and Prophecy in Eighteenth-Century Britain
William Gibson

10 Jane Lead and the Philadelphians
Ariel Hessayon

11 The French Prophets and the Scottish Mystics: Prophecies and Letters
Michael B. Riordan

12 Thanksgiving and the Apocalypse: Two Eighteenth-Century Sermons
Warren Johnston

All interested in prophetic literature, but more generally in the history of religion and politics in the early modern period. Keywords: prophecy, millenarianism, apocalypse, revelation, mysticism, Bible, dissent, heresy, Reformation, history, religion, Europe, 1400–1800.
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