Early Christianity in Lycaonia and Adjacent Areas

From Paul to Amphilochius of Iconium


This work gives a detailed survey of the rise and expansion of Christianity in ancient Lycaonia and adjacent areas, from Paul the apostle until the late 4th-century bishop of Iconium, Amphilochius. It is essentially based on hundreds of funerary inscriptions from Lycaonia, but takes into account all available literary evidence. It maps the expansion of Christianity in the region and describes the practice of name-giving among Christians, their household and family structures, occupations, and use of verse inscriptions. It gives special attention to forms of charity, the reception of biblical tradition, the authority and leadership of the clergy, popular theology and forms of ascetic Christianity in Lycaonia.
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Biographical Note

Cilliers Breytenbach (Dr. theol., Munich 1984) is professor for the history, literature and religion of Early Christianity at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, professor extraordinary for New Testament and Ancient Studies at Stellenbosch University and the author and editor of numerous books including Paulus und Barnabas in der Provinz Galatien (Leiden, 1996) and Grace, Reconciliation, Concord (Leiden, 2010).

Christiane Zimmermann (Dr. phil. in Classics, Munich 1991) is professor for the history, theology and literature of the New Testament at the Christian-Albrechts-Universität in Kiel. She has been working especially on New Testament theology and published Die Namen des Vaters (Leiden, 2007) and Gott und seine Söhne: Das Gottesbild des Galaterbriefs (Neukirchen-Vluyn, 2013).

Review Quotes

' This is an outstanding, landmark book. It displays meticulous scholarship and fills a lacuna in work on the area. It [...] will be a classic for all further study on early Christianity in Asia Minor. We are hugely in debt to the authors for this amazing work.' Paul Trebilco, Department of Theology and Religion, University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand, 2018


New Testament scholars and historians of Christianity and of the Later Roman Empire interested in the rise and expansion of Christianity in ancient Asia Minor.