Nersēs of Lambron: Commentary on the Dormition of Saint John

Armenian Text and Annotated Translation


Editor / Translator:
This is the first translation of the twelfth century Armenian commentary on the death of John the Evangelist as found in the Acts of John. The last section of the apocryphal life of the Evangelist became detached from the whole, and circulated widely in the churches of east and west. The Armenian version was included in service books, Bibles, and collections of saints’ lives. Yet no medieval commentary on that brief text is known in any other language.
Nersēs of Lambron [1153-1198], Archbishop of Tarsus, was a prolific author and an influential player in the ecclesiastical politics of his era. He used this work as a medium for spiritual reflection, and for an exposition of the Armenian tradition as opposed to the theologies of the Greek and Syrian churches.

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Robert Thomson was Professor of Armenian Studies at Harvard University and later Oxford. He also served as Director of Dumbarton Oaks 1984-1989. He has edited and translated numerous texts in Armenian, Syriac, Georgian and Greek, primarily Histories and Biblical commentaries.
All those interested in Armenian studies, Apocrypha, Biblical commentaries, Church history, the medieval Near East, Eastern church history and theology.
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