Spanish Books in the Europe of the Enlightenment (Paris and London)

A View from Abroad


In Spanish Books in the Europe of the Enlightenment (Paris and London) Nicolás Bas examines the image of Spain in eighteenth-century Europe, and in Paris and London in particular. His material has been scoured from an exhaustive interrogation of the records of the book trade. He refers to booksellers’ catalogues, private collections, auctions, and other sources of information in order to reconstruct the country’s cultural image. Rarely have these sources been searched for Spanish books, and never have they been as exhaustively exploited as they are in Bas’ book.
Both England and France were conversant with some very negative ideas about Spain. The Black Legend, dating back to the sixteenth century, condemned Spain as repressive and priest-ridden. Bas shows however, that an alternative, more sympathetic, vision ran parallel with these negative views. His bibliographical approach brings to light the Spanish books that were bought, sold and ultimately read. The impression thus obtained is likely to help us understand not only Spain’s past, but also something of its present.

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Nicolás Bas Martín. Ph.D. (2000), a Professor of the Department of History of Science and Science Information at the University of Valencia in Spain, has published works on the history of books in Spain and Europe during the eighteenth century.
Foreword List of Illustrations List of Abbreviations Introduction 1 Books that “Speak”: The Traces of Spain in the Catalogues of Parisian Booksellers of the Eighteenth Century   Introduction  1.1 From Manuscript to Printed Word: Following the Trail of Spanish Books  1.2 Books from Spain in Eighteenth-Century Paris  1.3 A Showcase for Spanish Books: The Bookshops of Paris  1.4 The Spanish Literary Canon from a Parisian Point of View  1.5 How Spanish Books Reached Paris: The Book Circuits  1.6 Conclusions 2 The Spain of Alatriste: Spanish Books in Eighteenth-Century London   Introduction  2.1 Spanish Books that Crossed the Channel  2.2  Don Quixote in English (1738)  2.3 Between the Strand and Grub Street: London’s World of Books  2.4 The Collecting of Spanish Books in London: The Bibliophiles  2.5 The Traces of Spanish Books in London: The Booksellers  2.6 By Way of Conclusion Final Conclusions Appendix 1:Spanish Books in Parisian Bookshops Appendix 2:Catalogues of Parisian Booksellers of Eighteenth-century Paris Appendix 3:London Bookshops with Stocks of Spanish Books Appendix 4:Formats of Spanish Books Appendix 5:London Booksellers Containing Spanish Books Bibliography Index
All interested in the history of book publishing during the eighteenth century, Hispanists, and librarians.