Chinese Research Perspectives on Society, Volume 4

Social Analysis and Forecast of China (2015)


This collection of articles selected from Blue Book of Chinese Society 2015 published in Chinese reviews China’s social condition from 2013 to 2014. The articles featured cover a range of social issues, including employment, income and consumption, social security, and others. Findings are presented and analyzed from a number of social surveys on topics such as the public’s conception of a “good society”, quality of life in urban areas, migrant workers, university students and graduates, and household registration system reform. In addition, recent development of and future outlook for internet public opinion, labor relations, agriculture and urbanization are examined. Each article ends with policy suggestions, and a statistical overview of China’s social development is given in the appendix.
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Biographical Note

LI Peilin is Vice President of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS), Vice President of the Chinese Sociological Association, and Editor-in-Chief of Sociological Studies. Li received his Master’s degree from Université de Lyon in 1984 and Ph.D. from Paris-Sorbonne in 1987. He has published extensively in sociology, including Social Stratification in China, Social Conflict and Class Consciousness, and Social Transformation and Chinese Experiences.

CHEN Guangjin is Director of the Institute of Sociology, CASS, Vice President of the Chinese Sociological Association. Chen has published extensively in studies of Chinese society.

ZHANG Yi is Deputy Director of the Institute of Sociology, CASS.

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Part 1: General Report

1 More Emphasis on Quality Improvement in Chinese Society: Analysis and Prediction of China’s Social Situation during 2014–2015
Chen Guangjin

Part 2: Reports on Social Development

2 China’s Employment Situation under the New Normal of the Economy in 2014 and Outlook
Mo Rong and Chen Yun

3 Income and Consumption Situation of Chinese Urban and Rural Residents in 2014
Lu Qingzhe

4 Changes in the Income Gap and Its Future Development Trends in China
Yang Yiyong and Chi Zhenhe

5 Development Report on the Reform of China’s Medical and Health Undertaking in 2014
Fang Lijie

6 Progress in China’s Social Security Reform in 2014: Its Problems and Outlook
Long Yuqi

Part 3: Reports on Social Survey

7 Report of Survey of the General Public about the Value Standards for a “Good Society”
Li Wei

8 Report on the Quality of the Life Index of Chinese Urban Residents 2014
Yuan Yue, Zhang Hui and Jiang Jianjian

9 Survey Report on Migrant Workers 2014
Liu Linping, Fan Changyu and Wang Kaiqing

10 Survey Report on the Income Gap of Migrant Labor Forces 2014
Zhang Yi

11 Report on the Life and Pressure of University Students Born in the 1990s: Based on an Analysis of Tracking Survey Data Concerning Students from 12 Higher Education Institutions 2014
Tian Feng

12 Survey Report on the Implementation of the Points-Based System for Urban Residence Permit 2014: A Case Study of Shanghai
Huang Suping, Yao Yelin, and Zhang Haidong

13 Report on the Housing Situation of Employed Youth in Beijing 2014: Survey on the Development of Adolescents in Beijing 2014
Li Chunling, Li Xuehong, and Li Haijuan

Part 4: Reports on Special Subjects

14 Analysis Report on China’s Internet Public Opinion 2014
Zhu Huaxin, Pan Yufeng, and Shan Xuegang

15 China’s Labor Relations Amid the Adjustment of the Economic Structure 2014
Qiao Jian

16 Reform and Development Report on the Agriculture, Farmers and Rural Areas in China 2014
Zhang Hao

17 Community Construction and Community Governance Amid Urbanization
Xiao Lin


18 Statistical Overview of China’s Social Development 2014
Zhang Lipin



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