Maritime Disputes in Northeast Asia

Regional Challenges and Cooperation


In Maritime Disputes in Northeast Asia: Regional Challenges and Cooperation, Suk Kyoon Kim provides an important multidisciplinary perspective on maritime disputes in one of the most dynamic areas of the world: Northeast Asia, a region of divergent political and economic systems where the legacy of a tumultuous past continues to overshadow current events. The text highlights maritime issues on the Korean Peninsula and extends an analytical eye to neighboring China, Japan and Russia. Kim explores in-depth the factors and issues at stake with complex maritime disputes, focusing on maritime boundary delimitation, territory, energy resources, fishery, marine pollution, and security and safety. This volume provides a timely international law perspective informed by an intricate historical, political, and socio-economic context, while offering a vision for future cooperation.
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Biographical Note

Suk Kyoon Kim, Ph.D (2005), Hanyang University, Korea, is Professor at Hanyang University and Senior Research Fellow at Korea Institute for Maritime Strategy. He served as chief of the Korea Coast Guard and has published widely on maritime issues concerning Northeast Asia.

Table of contents

Chapter I: Maritime Regime Building on the Korean Peninsula and in its Neighbors
1. Overview of the Korean Peninsula and its Neighbors
2. The Two Koreas: The South and the North
3. Relations in Northeast Asia
4. Maritime Regime Building in Northeast Asia
5. Conclusion

Chapter II: Disputes over the Northern Limit Line(NLL) in the West Sea
1. Introduction
2. Establishment of NLL
3. North Korea’s Challenges and Claims
4. South Korea and UNC’s Position
5. Legal Controversy
6. Enforcement of the NLL
7. Armed Conflicts off the NLL
8. The Ways for Easing Tensions
9. Conclusion

Chapter III: Disputes over Straight Baseline and the Territorial Sea
1. Introduction
2. Straight lines and base points
3. The Territorial Sea and Contiguous Zone
4. Innocent Passage of Foreign Warships

Chapter IV: Disputes Over the Delimitation of the EEZ and the Continental Self
1. Status of the Maritime Boundary Delimitation in Northeast Asia

2. Maritime Boundary Delimitation between China and Korea in the Yellow Sea and the East China Sea
3. Maritime Boundary Delimitation between China and Japan in the East China Sea
4. Maritime Boundary Delimitation between Korea and Japan in the East Sea/the Sea of Japan and in the East China Sea
5. Maritime Boundary Delimitation between China and North Korea in the Yellow Sea
6. Maritime Boundary Delimitation between North Korea and Russia in the East Sea
7. Conclusion

Chapter V: Territorial Disputes in East Asia
1. Introduction
2. Dokdo/Takeshima
3. Senkaku/Diaoyoudao
4. Kuril Islands/Northern Territories
5. Conclusion
Chapter VI: Marine Pollution Response and the NOWPAP Regime in Northeast Asia
1. Growing Risk of Marine Pollution in Northeast Asia
2. NOWPAP and Regime Building for Marine Pollution Response
3. Oil and HNS Spill Incidents in the NOWPAP Region
4. Conventions, Legislations, and Competent Agencies concerning Marine Pollution in Northeast Asian Countries
5. Challenges in Responding to Marine Pollution under the NOWPAP Regime
6. Conclusion

Chapter VII: Fishery Regimes and Illegal Fishing in the Yellow Sea
1. The Sea of Unlawfulness
2. Fishery Regime Building in the Yellow Sea
3. Domestic Legislations Governing Fisheries and Enforcement Authorities
4. Illegal Fishing in the Yellow Sea
5. International and Legal Aspects of the Illegal Fishing in the Yellow Sea
6. Conclusion

Chapter VIII: Maritime Security Initiatives in East Asia: Implementation and Challenges
1. Maritime Security Paradigm Shift
2. Maritime Security Threats and Initiatives
3. Emerging Challenges to Maritime Security in East Asia
4. Conclusion

Chapter IX: Maritime Issues Concerning the Implementation of UN Security Council Resolutions on North Korea
1. Introduction
2. UN Security Council Sanctions on North Korea and Resolution 2270
3. Maritime Security Regimes against North Korea on the Korean Peninsula
4. Factors Considered in the Implementation of the Sanctions in the Sea
5. Conclusion
Chapter X: The Sewol Ferry Disaster in Korea and Maritime Safety Management
1. Introduction
2. The Sinking of the Sewol Ferry
3. Passenger Ship Transport and Status of Marine Accidents
4. Governing the Safety of Passenger Ships in Korea
5. Further Challenges to Maritime Safety
6. Conclusion

Chapter XI: Conclusion

-Laws of the Sea of Northeast Asian Countries


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