Transatlantic Revolutionary Cultures, 1789-1861


Transatlantic Revolutionary Cultures, 1789-1861 argues that the revolutionary era constituted a coherent chapter in transatlantic history and that individual revolutions were connected to a broader, transatlantic and transnational frame. As a composite, the essays place instances of political upheaval during the long nineteenth century in Europe and the Americas in a common narrative and offer a new interpretation on their seeming asynchrony. In the age of revolutions the formation of political communities and cultural interactions were closely connected over time and space. Reciprocal connections arose from discussions on the nature of history, deliberations about constitutional models, as well as the reception of revolutions in popular culture. These various levels of cultural and intellectual interchange we term “transatlantic revolutionary cultures.”

Contributors are: Ulrike Bock, Anne Bruch, Peter Fischer, Mischa Honeck, Raphael Hörmann, Charlotte A. Lerg, Marc H. Lerner, Michael L. Miller, Timothy Mason Roberts, and Heléna Tóth.

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Charlotte A. Lerg, Dr. phil. (2008) University of Tübingen, is Assistant Professor of American History and Transatlantic Studies at Ludwig Maximilian University, Munich. She has published on the American Revolution, 1848, and transatlantic relations in the 19th and 20th century.

Heléna Tóth, Ph.D. (2008) Harvard University, is Assistant Professor of Modern European History at Otto Friedrich University, Bamberg. She has published on the history of political exile in the 19th and 20th century, 1848, and the cultural history of socialism.
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List of Contributors
Editors' Introduction
Charlotte A. Lerg and Heléna Tóth
Part I. Visions
1 Black Jacobins: Towards a Genealogy of a Transatlantic Trope
Raphael Hörmann
2 A Transatlantic Constitution in a Local Context: Symbolic Acts of Mediation and Revolutionary Practice in the Context of the Constitution of 1812 in Yucatán
Ulrike Bock
3 Performing William Tell in the Transatlantic World
Marc H. Lerner
4 Of "Puppets and People:" The Revolution of 1848 on Stage
Heléna Tóth
5 Garibaldi's Shirt: Fashion and the Making and Unmaking of Revolutionary Bodies
Mischa Honeck
Part II. Concepts
6 Transatlantic George Washington: Continental Liberal Historians in Search of a Hero, 1830–1848
Charlotte A. Lerg
7 From Central Europe to Central America: Forty-Eighters in the Filibuster Wars of the Mid-Nineteenth Century
Michael L. Miller
8 "We will have true peace only when we will have the United States of Europe": The United States of America as a Constitutional Model for Italy during the Risorgimento?
Anne Bruch
9 Reform, not Revolution! Anti-Revolutionary Thinking in the Works of Jane Addams and Lorenz von Stein: A Sociology of Knowledge Approach
Peter Fischer
Timothy Mason Roberts
All interested in the age of revolutions from a transnational perspective, cultural historians of the (trans)Atlantic 19th century, and anyone interested in an interdisciplinary approach to the history of revolutions.
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