Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Discrimination


In Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Discrimination Holning Lau offers an incisive review of the conceptual questions that arise as legal systems around the world grapple with whether and how to protect people against sexual orientation and gender identity discrimination. This volume is an essential guide for researchers seeking to acquaint themselves quickly with a comparative view of cutting-edge issues concerning sexual orientation and gender identity rights.

Other titles published in this series:
- Comparative Discrimination Law: Historical and Theoretical Frameworks, Laura Carlson; isbn 9789004345447
- International Human Rights Law and Discrimination Protections; A Comparison of Regional and National Responses, Mpoki Mwakagali; isbn 9789004345461
- Comparative Discrimination Law; Age as a Protected Ground, Lucy Vickers; isbn 9789004345539
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Open Access

Biographical Note

Holning Lau, J.D. (2005), University of Chicago, is the Willie P. Mangum Distinguished Professor of Law at the University of North Carolina School of Law.


All interested in LGBT rights (i.e., SOGI rights). This audience ranges from students to seasoned LGBT rights experts who specialize in a particular country/region and are seeking to learn about other parts of the world.


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