Austrian Review of International and European Law, Volume 19 (2014)


The Austrian Review of International and European Law is an annual publication that provides a scholarly forum for the discussion of issues of international and European law, with emphasis on topics of special interest for Austria. Each volume of the Review includes general articles, current developments, and the comprehensive annual digest of Austrian practice in international law, encompassing judicial decisions, executive as well as parliamentary documents relating to international law. The concluding parts of the Review contain longer book reviews and shorter book notes. The current Volume covers 2014.

Contributors are: Markus P. Beham, Christina Binder, Irene Etzersdorfer, Maria Hadjipavlou, Gerhard Hafner, Volker Hauck, Peter Hilpold, Jane Alice Hofbauer, Marios Ieronymides, Philipp Janig, Ralph R.A. Janik, Nikolas Kyriakou, Sara Mansour Fallah, Karl Müller, Adamantios Theodor Skordos, Helmut Tichy, Stephan Wittich, and Ioannis Zelepos

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Contents Editorial Markus P. Beham Preface: Cyprus 1963/1964 – 1974 – 2004 – 2014: What Comes in Fours? Conference: 1974-2014 – 40 Years of a Divided Cyprus Part I: The Cyprus Problem Ioannis Zelepos The Historical Background of the Cyprus Problem – Just a Conflict of Ethnic Nationalism? Aristoteles Constantinides The Cyprus Problem in the United Nations Security Council Helmut Tichy Cyprus: A Situation of Serious Concern From the Rule of Law Perspective Part II: Human Rights and Regional Perspectives Christina Binder Cyprus Through the Lens of the European Court of Human Rights or the European Court of Human Rights and Public International Law Nikolas Kyriakou The Question of Missing Persons in Cyprus Markus P. Beham Cyprus Through the Lens of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation: ‘The Victim of an Outcome in Which They Have no Fault’ Maria Hadjipavlou Cypriot Citizens’ Peace Building Efforts Toward Reconciliation Part III: Comparative Approaches Irene Etzersdorfer Conceptual Thoughts on the Linkage of ‘Ethnos’ and ‘Politics’ – Applied to the Emergence of the Cyprus Conflict Adamantios Theodor Skordos Ethno-Political Violence in Southeast Europe – The Cyprus Case Part IV: Outlook Karl Müller New Chances Amidst Old Challenges Marios Ieronymides Closing Words Austrian Practice in International Law 2014/Österreichische Praxis zum Internationalen Recht 2014 Structure Jane Alice Hofbauer, Philipp Janig, Sara Mansour Fallah and Stephan Wittich Part I: Austrian Judicial Decisions Involving Questions of International Law/Österreichische Judikatur zum Internationalen Recht Markus P. Beham and Gerhard Hafner Part II: Austrian Diplomatic and Parliamentary Practice in International Law/Österreichische Diplomatische und Parlamentarische Praxis zum Internationalen Recht Book Reviews Danis Alland, Vincent Chetail, Olivier de Frouville and Jorge E. Viñuales (eds.), Unité et diversité du droit international/Unity and Diversity of International Law – Ecrits en l’honneur du Professeur Pierre-Marie Dupuy/Essays in Honour of Professor Pierre-Marie Dupuy (Peter Hilpold) M. Cherif Bassiouni, The Shari’a and Islamic Criminal Justice in Time of War and Peace (Markus P. Beham) Review Essay Andrew Fitzmaurice, Sovereignty, Property and Empire, 1500– 2000 Kate Miles, The Origins of International Investment Law: Empire, Environment and the Safeguarding of Capital Zachary Douglas, Joost Pauwelyn, and Jorge E. Viñuales (eds.), The Foundations of International Investment Law: Bringing Theory Into Practice Investment, Sovereignty, and Empire (Ralph Janik) Manfred Nowak and Ursula Werther-Pietsch (eds.), All Human Rights for All: Vienna Guidebook on Peaceful and Inclusive Societies (Volker Hauck) Book Notes Hazel Fox and Philippa Webb, The Law of State Immunity (Jane A. Hofbauer) William Schabas, Unimaginable Atrocities. Justice, Politics, and Rights at the War Crimes Tribunals (Markus P. Beham) Malcolm N. Shaw, International Law (Markus P. Beham)
All interested in issues of international law and international relations. Particularly also practitioners of international law who are interested in Austrian state practice.