Humanism, Theology, and Spiritual Crisis in Renaissance Florence: Giovanni Caroli’s Liber dierum lucensium

A Critical Edition, English Translation, Commentary, and Introduction


Author: Giovanni Caroli
Editor: Amos Edelheit
This is the first work by Giovanni Caroli (1428–1503) to appear in print. Caroli was one of the leading theologians in Florence during the last decades of the fifteenth century, a man who lived between the two great traditions of his time: the scholastic and the humanist. The volume contains a critical edition of the Latin text, entitled The Book of My Days in Lucca, an English translation, commentary notes and an introduction. Caroli presents us with his powerful personal reaction to the institutional crisis regarding the required reform in the Dominican Order, yet even here we already notice the pervasive influence of his classical education, and especially his acquaintance with authors such as Cicero, Livy, Tacitus, and especially Virgil.

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Amos Edelheit, Ph.D. (2007) is a lecturer in the Department of Philosophy, Maynooth University. He is the author of many articles and of two monographs, the more recent one being Scholastic Florence. Moral Psychology in the Quattrocento (Brill, 2014).
“This Latin edition and English translation will be of immense value to a variety of scholars, whether they are interested in the events recounted, in intellectual history, in the nature of fifteenth-century Latin, or in the melding of classical sources with the language of the Scholastic tradition..”
Peter F. Howard, Australian Catholic University. In: Renaissance Quarterly, Vol. 73 , No 4 (Winter 2020), pp. 1327–1328.


 1  Giovanni Caroli: Life and Works
 2  Giovanni Caroli in Modern Scholarly Literature
 3  The Historical Background of the Liber dierum lucensium: The Drama of the Dominican Observant Reform Movement in Italy in the Fifteenth Century
 4  The Sources Used in the Liber dierum lucensium
 5  Style and Genre of the Liber dierum lucensium: Between Scholasticism and Humanism
 6  Historical and Cultural Assessment of the Liber dierum lucensium
 7  A Synopsis of the Liber dierum lucensium
 8  The Codex and the Method Used in the Edition and in the Translation


Liber dierum lucensium—The Book of My Days in Lucca

Liber Primus—Book One

Liber Secundus—Book Two

Liber Tertius—Book Three


Book One

Book Two

Book Three

Index Nominum et Rerum
All interested in Renaissance intellectual history, Renaissance religiosity, Dominicans in the Renaissance, religion and politics in the Renaissance, Latin dialogues of the Renaissance, Neo-Latin texts, Renaissance theologians and humanists.