Selected Essays on Intermediality by Werner Wolf (1992–2014)

Theory and Typology, Literature-Music Relations, Transmedial Narratology, Miscellaneous Transmedial Phenomena


Editor: Walter Bernhart
This volume collects twenty-two major essays by Werner Wolf published between 1992 and 2014, all of them revised but retaining the original argument. They form the core of those seminal writings which have contributed to establishing 'intermediality' as an internationally recognized research field, besides providing a by now widely accepted typology of the field and opening intermedial perspectives on areas as varied as narratology, metareferentiality and iconicity. The essays are presented chronologically under the headings of “Theory and Typology”, “Literature–Music Relations”, “Transmedial Narratology”, and “Miscellaneous Transmedial Phenomena” and cover a wide spectrum of topics of both historical and contemporary relevance, ranging from J.S. Bach, Mozart, Schubert and Gulda through Sterne, Hardy, Woolf and Beckett to Jan Steen, Hogarth, Magritte and comics. The volume should be essential reading for scholars of literature, music and art history with an interdisciplinary orientation as well as general readers interested in the fascinating interaction of the arts.

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Werner Wolf is Professor and Chair of English and General Literature at the University of Graz, Austria. Main areas of research: literary theory (aesthetic illusion, narratology, metafiction/metareference), functions of literature, 18th- to 21st-century English fiction, intermediality studies (including word–music and word–image relationships).

Walter Bernhart is emeritus Professor of English Literature, University of Graz, president of the International Association for Word and Music Studies (WMA), executive editor of Word and Music Studies (WMS) and Studies in Intermediality (SIM); his collected essays on literature and music were published as WMS 14 (2015).

Walter Bernhart

Part I: Intermediality: Theory and Typology

1 Intermedialität als neues Paradigma der Literaturwissenschaft? Plädoyer für eine literaturzentrierte Erforschung der Grenzüberschreitungen zwischen Wortkunst und anderen Medien am Beispiel von Virginia Woolfs “The String Quartet” [1996]
2 Towards a Functional Analysis of Intermediality: The Case of Twentieth-Century Musicalized Fiction [2002]
3 Intermedialität – ein weites Feld und eine Herausforderung für die Literaturwissenschaft [2002]
4 Möglichkeiten und Grenzen der Übertragung literaturwissenschaftlicher Terminologie auf Gegenstände der Kunstwissenschaft: Überlegungen zu einem Weg interdisziplinärer Verständigung am Beispiel von ‘Erzählsituationen’ und ‘Metafiktion’ [2007]
5 The Relevance of Mediality and Intermediality to Academic Studies of English Literature [2008]
6 Intermedialität und mediale Dominanz: typologisch, funktionsgeschichtlich und akademisch-institutionell betrachtet [2010]
7 Intermedialität: Konzept, literaturwissenschaftliche Relevanz, Typologie intermedialer Formen [2014]

Part II: Literature-Music Relations

8 Can Stories Be Read as Music? Possibilities and Limitations of Applying Musical Metaphors to Fiction [1992]
9 Musicalized Fiction and Intermediality: Theoretical Aspects of Word and Music Studies [1999]
10 "Willst zu meinen Liedern deine Leier drehn?": Intermedial Metatextuality in Schubert’s “Der Leiermann” as a Motivation for Song and Accompaniment and a Contribution to the Unity of Die Winterreise [2001]
11 Language and/or Music as Man’s 'Comfort'? Beckett’s Metamedial Allegory Words and Music [2005]
12 Metafiction and Metamusic: Exploring the Limits of Metareference [2007]
13 Metamusic? Potentials and Limits of ‘Metareference’ in Instrumental Music: Theoretical Reflections and a Case Study (Mozart’s Ein musikalischer Spaß) [2010]

Part III: Transmedial Narratology

14 Das Problem der Narrativität in Literatur, bildender Kunst und Musik: Ein Beitrag zu einer intermedialen Erzähltheorie [2002]
15 Narrative and Narrativity: A Narratological Reconceptualization and its Applicability to the Visual Arts [2003]
16 Narrativity in Instrumental Music? A Prototypical Narratological Approach to a Vexed Question [2008]
17 Narratology and Media(lity): The Transmedial Expansion of a Literary Discipline and Possible Consequences [2011]
18 Framings of Narrative in Literature and the Pictorial Arts [2014]

Part IV: Miscellaneous Transmedial Phenomena

19 Intermedial Iconicity in Fiction – Tema con variazioni [2003]
20 Metalepsis as a Transgeneric and Transmedial Phenomenon: A Case Study of the Possibilities of ‘Exporting’ Narratological Concepts [2005]
21 Mise en cadre – a Neglected Counterpart to mise en abyme: A Frame-theoretical and Intermedial Complement to Classical Narratology [2010]
22 Wiederholung bzw. Ähnlichkeit in der (Sprach-)Kunst als sinnstiftende formale Selbstreferenz [2014]

Bibliography of Publications on Intermediality by Werner Wolf

Academic libraries, public libraries, all interested in intermediality studies, especially the relationships of literature and music as well as literature and the visual arts, literary scholars, narratologists, musicologists, art historians.