Sanctifying Texts, Transforming Rituals

Encounters in Liturgical Studies


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Sanctifying Texts, Transforming Rituals: Encounters in Liturgical Studies explores the dynamics of Christian ritual practices in their relation to a broader cultural framework. The nineteen essays, written in honour of the liturgist Gerard A.M. Rouwhorst (Tilburg University), study liturgical developments in times of transition, in which religious and cultural changes set the development of worship practices in motion. The chapters in the first part (Texts) concentrate on the close connection between narrative texts and liturgical practice. In part two (Rituals), the focus shifts to the significance of liturgy as it expresses itself in rituals, and to the understanding of ritual acting. This section includes a variety of ritual aspects of liturgy, including the performance of the sacraments and the persons involved, as well as the relation between the liturgical ritual and material objects, such as images and relics. Section three (Encounters) crosses the borders of the discipline of liturgical studies. This final section of the book studies (ritual) relations between Christians and non-Christians through history, and includes contributions that study the dialogues between different liturgical languages and media.

Contributors are: Elizabeth Boddens Hosang, Paul Bradshaw, Harald Buchinger, Charles Caspers, Paul van Geest, Bert Groen, Martin Klöckener, Bart Koet, Clemens Leonhard, Ruben van Luijk, Gerard Lukken, Daniela Müller, Willemien Otten, Marcel Poorthuis, Paul Post, Ilia Rodov, Els Rose, Joshua Schwartz, Louis van Tongeren, and Nienke Vos.

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Paul van Geest, S.T.L., Drs. Litt., PhD, is professor of Church History and the History of Theology at Tilburg University, head of the Centre for Patristic Studies at the University of Tilburg and the VU University Amsterdam (CPO). He has published extensively on Modern Devotion; Late Medieval Nominalism; Augustine’s theology, spirituality and reception; art of living and ethics in Early Christianity and mystagogy.

Marcel Poorthuis, PhD, teaches interreligious dialogue at the Tilburg School of Theology. His dissertation dealt with the French-Jewish philosopher Immanuel Levinas. He published about Catholicism, Judaism, Buddhism and about Dutch perceptions of Islam (Van harem tot fitna, Nijmegen 2011).

Els Rose, PhD, is senior lecturer Medieval Latin at Utrecht University. She received three grants in the national Innovation scheme (NWO), the first two dedicated to the relation between Christian apocryphal literature and liturgical texts in the early medieval West, the third (2017) to the development of a Christian ‘citizenship discourse’ as an expression of membership and belonging in the early Middle Ages.
"Im Ergebnis handelt es sich also eher um eine bunte Mischung vorwiegend sehr anspruchsvoller wissenschaftlicher Beiträge aus der Liturgiewissenschaft und der Judaistik, die damitaber das breite Interesse des Gefeierten widerspiegeltundsomit als Festschrift sehr gelungen ist." - Martin Lüstraeten, Mainz, in: Zeitschrift für Historische Forschung 3/2018", pp. 499-501,

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Bibliography of Gerard Rouwhorst
On the Authors

Continuity and Renewal in Liturgical Studies: An Introduction
Paul van Geest, Marcel Poorthuis and Els Rose

Part 1 - Texts

Chapter 1 Conclusions Shaping Evidence: An Examination of the Scholarship Surrounding the Supposed Apostolic Tradition of Hippolytus
Paul Bradshaw
Chapter 2 Communion of Saints: The Function of Liturgical Scenes in Hagiographic Texts
Nienke Vos
Chapter 3 Die Eucharistiefeier für die Toten. Theologische Motive und Neuakzentuierungen in der altrömischen und frühmittelalterlichen
Martin Klöckener
Chapter 4 About Naked Women and Adam’s Body: The Syriac-Christian Cave of Treasures as a Source of Islamic Storytelling
Marcel Poorthuis
Chapter 5 Provinciae et civitates ecclesiis plenae. Transformation of the civitates Indorum in the Apocryphal Acts and the Liturgical Commemoration of the Apostle Thomas
Els Rose
Chapter 6 Non sufficit hec orare, sed et necesse est se purgare … Gabriel Biel’s Representation of the Intellect, the Will and Memory in his Canonis Missae Expositio
Paul van Geest

Part 2 - Rituals
Chapter 7 Cosmos and Liturgy from Maximus the Confessor to Hans Urs von Balthasar (with an excursion on H.J. Schulz)
Willemien Otten
Chapter 8 The Bishop and his Deacons. Ignatius of Antioch’s View on Ministry: Two-fold or Three-fold?
Bart Koet
Chapter 9 Breaking the Fast: The Central Moment of the Paschal Celebration in Historical Context and Diachronic Perspective
Harald Buchinger
Chapter 10 Body and Feast: The Liturgical Calendar of the Old Diocese of Utrecht
Charles Caspers and Louis van Tongeren
Chapter 11 Hallucination Depicted: God’s Name on Shiviti Plates
Ilia M. Rodov
Chapter 12 A Brief History of the Black Mass
Ruben van Luijk
Chapter 13 The Roman Catholic Liturgy in the Postconciliar Time of Transition
Gerard Lukken

Part 3 - Encounters
Chapter 14 Shavuot, Covenant Renewal, and Pentecost
Clemens Leonhard
Chapter 15 Will You Join Us for a Meal? Jewish and Christian Interaction in Early Council Texts
Elizabeth Boddens Hosang
Chapter 16 Encounters in the Playground: Jewish and Christian Children at Play in Roman-Byzantine Palestine
Joshua Schwartz
Chapter 17 Heresy as Impurity
Daniela Müller
Chapter 18 Disciplina Arcani: Modern Avatars of Christian Ritual Secrecy
Paul Post
Chapter 19 Liturgical Language and Vernacular Tongues in Eastern Christianity
Bert Groen

All interest in liturgy, the history of liturgy, church history, rituals, history of Christianity, liturgical texts.
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