BLAST at 100

A Modernist Magazine Reconsidered

BLAST at 100 makes an original contribution to the understanding of a major modernist magazine. Providing new critical readings that consider the magazine’s influence within contexts that have not been acknowledged before – in the development of Irish and Spanish literature and culture in the twentieth century, for example, as well as in the areas of cultural studies, performance studies and the scholarship of teaching and learning – BLAST at 100 reconsiders the magazine’s complex legacy. In addition to situating the magazine in new and often unexpected contexts, BLAST at 100 also offers important new insights into the work of some of its most significant contributors, including Wyndham Lewis, Ezra Pound, and Rebecca West.

Contributors are: Philip Coleman, Simon Cutts, Andrzej Gąsiorek, Angela Griffith, Nicholas E. Johnson, Kathryn Laing, Christopher Lewis, J.C.C. Mays, Kathryn Milligan, Yolanda Morató, Nathan O’Donnell, Alex Runchman, Colm Summers, Tom Walker

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Philip Coleman is an Associate Professor in the School of English, Trinity College Dublin, where he is also a Fellow. He is the author of several publications on modern and contemporary US American, Canadian and Irish poetry and short fiction.

Kathryn Milligan is the inaugural ESB Fellow at the ESB Centre for the Study of Irish Art, National Gallery of Ireland. Her research focuses on the painting of modern life, art historiography, and artistic networks in Ireland and Britain.

Nathan O’Donnell teaches at the School of English, Trinity College Dublin. His first monograph, on Wyndham Lewis’s art criticism, is forthcoming from Liverpool University Press, and he will edit the reissue of BLAST as part of the OUP Collected Works of Wyndham Lewis.
List of Contributors

1 Introduction: ‘Storm from the North’
Nathan O’donnell and Philip Coleman

Part 1: Textual and Contextual Re-Readings

2 BLAST Then and Now: With Expletive of Whirlwind
Andrzej Gąsiorek
3 Soillure, Bomb Blasts, and Volcanic Chaos: Reading the Poetry of Blast
Alex Runchman
4 Am I a Vorticist ?: Re-Reading Rebecca West’s Indissoluble Matrimony and BLAST
Kathryn Laing
5 BLAST and the Canon: Exploring Lewis’s ‘A Review of Contemporary Art’
Kathryn Milligan

Part 2: Blast and Ireland

6 Our More Profound Pre-Raphaelitism: W.B. Yeats, Aestheticism and BLAST
Tom Walker
7 Springs of Creation: BLAST and Irish Art
Nathan O’donnell
8 Visualising To-morrow : An Irish Modernist Periodical
Angela Griffith

Part 3: Enemy of the Stars Reconsidered

9 Beyond Nietzsche: Savage Worship in Enemy of the Stars
Christopher Lewis
10 Enemy of the Stars in Performance
Nicholas E. Johnson and Colm Summers

Part 4: Critical and Creative Legacies

11 Lewis-Pound-Mcluhan, BLAST and COUNTERBLAST : Connections, Comparisons, and Some Personal Reflections
J.C.C. Mays
12 Recreating BLAST in Spanish: Composition, Editing, Translation, and Annotation
Yolanda Morató
13 BLAST in the Classroom
Philip Coleman
14 The Collective Work in the Critical Mode: Afterword
Simon Cutts

BLAST at 100 will be of interest to all students of modernism, periodical studies, twentieth-century literature and the visual arts, as well as scholars engaged in interdisciplinary work between these fields.