Method and Theory in the Study of Religion: Working Papers from Hannover


Since the downfall of the phenomenology of religion as the leading paradigm in the study of religion in the 1960s, theoretical and methodological discussions surrounding the nature and identity of the study of religion as an academic discipline have proliferated. The essays included in this volume approach these debates from a variety of angles. Based on a series of talks held at the University of Hannover over the last few years, the essays are intended to be understood as diagnostic works in progress and thus as working papers, all of which strive to point out important problems and perspectives in the field of theories and methodology and to draw attention to the future of the discipline. Using developments in Hanover as a launch pad, the volume forms the basis for further insights into the direction of the study of religion as a discipline at large.

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Steffen Führding, Ph.D.. (1981), Leibniz University Hannover, teaches at the Department for the Study of Religion at that same university. He has published on the history of the study of religion and theoretical debates within the discipline, including Jenseits von Religion (transcript, 2015).

List of Contributors

Introduction: Theory, Method, Hannover, and the Study of Religion

Steffen Führding

2 Comparison, Practice, and Meaning: Martin Riesebrodt’s Theory of Religion

Alexander van der Haven

3 A Plea for the Study of Religions

Peter Antes

4 Study of Religions in the Era of Globalization of Differences: The Concept of Agonistic Context

Břetislav Horyna

5 “Man is the Measure of All Things…”: On The Fabrication of Oriental Religions by European History of Religions

Russell T. McCutcheon

6 Will the Real Fundamentalist Please Stand?: Scholars and the Category of ‘Fundamentalism’

Leslie Dorrough Smith

7 The Ideology of Religious Studies Revisited: Abolishing Politics

Timothy Fitzgerald

8 Christian Origins and the Gospel of Mark

Willi Braun

9 God as Hypothesis: Daniel Paul Schreber and the Study of Religion

Alexander van der Haven

10 RS-Based RE – Uphill, Uphill, and Uphill!

Tim Jensen

11 The Study of Islamic Education, A Litmus Test on State Relations to Muslim Minorities

Jenny Berglund

12 Afterword: The Academic Study of Religions Betwixt and between Different Interests

Wanda Alberts

All interested in the history of the Study of Religion and theoretical debates within this discipline.
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