The English Bible in the Early Modern World


The English Bible in the Early Modern World addresses the most significant book available in the English language in the centuries after the Reformation, and investigates its impact on popular religion and reading practices, and on theology, religious controversy and intellectual history between 1530 and 1700. Individual chapters discuss the responses of both clergy and laity to the sacred text, with particular emphasis on the range of settings in which the Bible was encountered and the variety of responses prompted by engagement with the Scriptures. Particular attention is given to debates around the text and interpretation of the Bible, to an emerging Protestant understanding of Scripture and to challenges it faced over the course of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.

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Robert Armstrong (PhD 1996, University of Dublin) is a Fellow of Trinity College Dublin, where he is Associate Professor in History, with a particular interest in the religious and political history of seventeenth- and eighteenth-century Ireland and Britain.

Tadhg Ó hAnnracháin (PhD 1995 EUI) is Professor of Early Modern History in University College Dublin and Head of School of History 2014-17. His chief research interests concern the movement of Catholic Renewal in Early Modern Europe.
List of Illustrations

1 Introduction: Protestant England and the English Bible
Robert Armstrong

2 ‘So sholde lewde men lerne by ymages’: Religious Imagery and Bible Learning
Lucy Wooding

3 The Laity and the Bible in Early Modern England
Ian Green

4 Nuts, Kernels, Wading Lambs and Swimming Elephants: Preachers and Their Handling of Biblical Texts
Mary Morrissey

5 Early Modern Catholic Perspectives on the Biblical Text: The Bellarmine and Whitaker Debate
Tadhg Ó hAnnracháin

6 The Catholic Contribution to the King James Bible
Gordon Campbell

7 Bible Reading, Puritan Devotion, and the Transformation of Politics in the English Revolution
Crawford Gribben

8 ‘Not the Word of God’: Varieties of Antiscripturism during the English Revolution
Ariel Hessayon

9 ‘Syllables governe the world’: Biblical Criticism, Erudition, Heterodoxy and Thomas Hobbes
Justin Champion

All interested in early modern religious and intellectual history and the history of the book, including religious controversy, preaching, biblical scholarship, popular religion, and the impact of the Reformation.
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