African Countries and the Global Scramble for China

A Contribution to Africa’s Preparedness and Rehearsal


In this new book on Africa-China relations, Ngonlardje Kabra Mbaidjol strongly engages in the heated debates on African cooperation with China, an increassingly rich and powerful partner. The current dominant view highlights the neo-colonial and exploitative nature of these relations with a denial of any positive results for African people. However, the growing China-Africa partnership took its roots at Bandung 1955 conference, to culminate with an overt competition between China and other nations over African resources. For many, "a new scramble for Africa" emerges. The author argues there is rather a "global scramble for China," a fierce battle to get the PRC's kind attention. Africa is right to engage the struggle to access China's development funding. Africa may wish to avoid being distracted by rival voices, but to endeavor doing its own homework and rehearse for the global competiton, in the only interest of African people. Mbaidjol's book unpacks Africa's preparedness and rehearsal strategy.

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Ngonlardje Kabra Mbaidjol, Ph.D. (1985), University of Geneva, The Graduate Institute of International Studies and Development, Switzerland, is an expert in Human Rights and Humanitarian Law, Ethics and International Affairs. He provides expert c to the United Nations operational agencies, funds and programmes, and supports humanitarian assistance operations. Mbaidjol has served the UN in senior positions: as Chairperson of the Ethics Committee of the United Nations Organization Fund for Agriculture (FAO, Rome, Italy); Director Ethics Office, UNHCR, Geneva; Director, New York Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, Special Advisor to the High Commissioner, and as UNHCR Regional Representative for the Central Africa Region.

1. A Call to Action for Africa

2. The Founding Principles of South-South Cooperation

3. The Shift Toward ‘Multi-polarity’

4. BRICS: New Dimensions of China’s International Cooperation

5. China and Its Neighbors: Lessons for Africa

6. Asian Regional Institutions, and Implications for Africa

7. Examining China’s Foreign Aid

8. A Closer Look at Sino-African Trade

9. Chinese ‘Neocolonialism’: Fact or Fiction?

10. Gaps and Opportunities in Sino-African Cooperation

11. Harmonizing Legal and Administrative Infrastructures in Africa

Conclusion: The Way Forward

Filling the gap, from the African perspective, of a nascent literature on China-Africa increasing cooperation for development is the main objective of this book. All interested observers and specialists, as well as the political elite, the academia and the educated laymen would try to get access to this book.
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