European Genizah

Newly Discovered Hebrew Binding Fragments in Context. European Genizah Texts and Studies, Volume 5


This volume includes contributions presented at two conferences, in Mainz and Jerusalem, and presents new discoveries of binding fragments in several European libraries and archives and abroad. It presents newly discovered texts with unknown Jewish writings from the Middle Ages and analyses fragments of well-known texts, such as textual witnesses of Midrashim. One chapter overviews recent discoveries in certain collections, some of them far beyond the geographical horizon of the original project, but certainly all of European origin. Other chapters study palaeographical and codicological issues of manuscript fragments and Ashkenazic inscriptions. A final article refers to the beginnings of scholarly interest in Hebrew binding fragments in Germany and sheds light on the part played by Christian Hebraists in its development.

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Andreas Lehnardt, PhD (1999), is Professor of Jewish Studies at Mainz University. He is the head of a project on Hebrew binding fragments in Germany and the editor of ‘Genizat Germania’—Hebrew and Aramaic Binding Fragments from Germany in Context (Brill: 2010).
All those interested in Jewish Studies, Hebrew manuscripts, book history, book binding, medieval and early modern Jewish history.
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